Daily Feline Prompt: Seven Meows

Whiskers Gibran once meowed that felines will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven meows. What would your seven meows be?


“Mrs. Human, it is cold outside, open the window and let me in.”

“But you can walk to the other garden where your cat flap is.”

“I know, I am not stupid, but that is inconvenient and would take too long. I am now sitting here, so open the window. About time too, I have to write my daily prompt.”

“Perhaps you could write about saying “please” and “thankyou” when I open the window.”

“That is not one of the words necessary to understand each other. Whiskers Gibran meowed that seven meows would be sufficient to solve the problems of feline understanding.”

“What about solving the problems of human communication with felines.”

“Not necessary, we give the orders an you obey, quite simple. Actions speak louder than words, although I was scratching at the door for at least a minute before you bothered to open it.”

“I was cleaning out your recycling tray.”

“At least something useful. Is it now clean? Did you fill it with new hygienic clumping material?”

“Yes Tabby”

“Good, the fresh air has an effect on me.”

“But Tabby you were outside.”

“And? I certainly do not stoop to the garden recycling process when I have a nice comfortable clean tray.”

“So what are your seven words of wisdom for your prompt today.”

“clmp ldzt djhlk pqtstz nrtzh wrtz meow”

“But I do not understand them.”

“You don’t have to understand them, they are sufficient for feline understanding and are the essence of whiskers. And now empty my recycling tray, I am finished, but spread the material evenly, I do not like lumps and bumps when I relax and meditate.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Seven Meows

16 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Seven Meows

  1. Dear Tabby, My human says seven words to us all the time. They are written on her blog, but they are cookie, no, good, I love you and walk. Those are the words she says to us most of the time. My words are different and they’re in dog. Translated they are cookie, walk, sorry, I love you, coffee. I think we all have different words and that Gibran guy is wrong. Yours always and always, Dusty T. Dog. P.S. Sorry I haven’t been around. My human has been finding the prompts boring and stupid.

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    • Meow Dusty
      Our human often runs out of ideas so we have to meow her on the way. She often says words to me, but mostly I do not listen, it is not worth the trouble. There is only one human word of importance, “tuna” the rest is just a side dish.
      enjoy your doggy life – and what’s love got to do with it? Our mum said ….. oh forget it, she was too busy bringing up the kittens.

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  2. Love means you don’t have to say you’re sorry. We cats never apologize. But we expect our humans say they’re sorry when they forget our needs. And meow does not mean thank you. It means “It’s about time and don’t forget the next time.”

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