Daily feline prompt: Feline 1984

You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.

My friend's Alsatian

“No, Mrs. Human, take it away, it will kill me, eat me.”

“But it’s only a photo Tabby.”

“Ah, in that case you can leave there, but you must admit it is a big dog.”

“Alsations are always big dogs. Like Maine Coons are always big felines.”

“That is something completely different. Maine Coons are felines and you know what you are dealing with”

“By the way Mr. Human just scared Roschti away, he was helping himself to your food bowl.”

“What? Where was I at the time?”

“Sleeping naturally in the bathroom, where it is sheltered and warm.”

“What was in the food bowl?”

“Delicious vitamin pellets of the best quality.”

“In that case, put the bowl outside.”

“But then all the felines in the neighbourhood will help themselves.”

“Exactly. To answer the feline daily prompt – my greatest fear would be locked in a room with a dish of vitamin pellets. Never do that to me Mrs. Human, I couldn’t stand it, I would have nightmares, vitamin pellets chasing me through the room saying “eat me, eat me” with their brown hard cores of vitamins. No, that would be too much.”

“But Tabby, don’t get worked up, there are no vitamin pellets left, Roschti ate them all and he seemed to be quite happy.”

“Of course he was happy. Motto No. 1 in the Book of Bastet, “The food always tastes better in the other bowl”.

“So now you are going to Roschi’s home to see what is in his bowl.”

“I don’t think so, today is his vitamin pellet day. What’s for dinner Mrs. Human?”

“Something new from the food suppliers. Special tuna fish flavoured – vitamin pellets.”

“Give me some cat nip to calm my nerves.”

Daily feline prompt: Feline 1984

6 thoughts on “Daily feline prompt: Feline 1984

  1. Dear Tabby, Enough is enough. I am surely going to bring it to Mrs.Human’s notice that she should stop torturing you with tasteless vitamin pallets. You deserve something better like fresh supply of mice/fish. No point telling Mr.Human as he is busy scaring Roschti away. Or are they both busy with each other, eh?

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    • That’s fine with me, although I would say my mouse hunting qualities are a little superior to Mr. Human. As far as the fish are concerned, when the paw friendly tin opener arrives from the feline workshop there will be no stopping us.


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