Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Companions

Head to one of your favorite feline blogs. Write a companion piece to their penultimate post.


“Mrs. Human do you see me walking paw in paw with another feline, am I deep in a meow with the ginger tom from next door or am I swopping mice with another feline? No, I am a loner.”

“But wouldn’t you like to have a feline companion, now that Nera and Fluffy are both in the eternal corn chambers.”

“No, Mrs. Human, I would not like to have a feline companion, be it a sweet little kitten or something bigger. I am now I, me and myself, and they are the only companions I need. Nera and Fluffy had their time and one day my day will come and I will join them, but I do not want a feline companion to share things with. I am quite happy on my own.”

“I thought you might feel lonely.”

“Lonely does not exist in meow and think of the disadvantages. You serve two dishes of tuna fish.”

“Of course, one for the new feline companion and one for you.”

“And that is where it begins. The food always tastes better in the other dish and it might be that the new companion wants to try my fish as well as her own. That does not work. My dish is mine and the other dish is also mine, but I will have to persuade the other feline that I do not share and it is every feline for itself, leading perhaps to a slight disagreement of opinions with hisses, paw swipes and Mrs. Human getting all excited.”

“I was just thinking Tabby, you are now so alone.”

“Mrs. Human, do me a favour and don’t think so much. And now to take a walk, all on my own, with no other feline companion. I will return on my own, sleep on my own and eat on my own. And I will be happy on my own. If you happen to hear a meow conversation it is because I will have a visit from Nera and Fluffy to catch up on things.”

“But Nera and Fluffy are no longer here.”

“That is a feline thing.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Companions

9 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Companions

    • It is all a matter of the perspective. I have a recycling tray because Mrs. Human gave me a recycling tray, but to be quite honest the great outdoors is one mega recycling tray, there is so much room to bury everything.

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    • Tabby is not a curl up cat, at least she doesn’t jump on the chair next to you or on your lap but when I take my midday golden oldie sleep she is next to me on the bed, doing her kneading actions with the paws and waiting for a tummy tickle. Her favorite place in winter is the bathroom in front of the toilet, which can get a little awkward sometimes, especially when she wants a tummy tickle.


  1. When I brought Parker home, Kitty went into depression. Who knew? The medical bills were nuts. I think I would agree with Tabby. Meow is its own kind of place and I, obviously, did not know the rules with my cats. Tabby, it takes us humans awhile to catch onto things. We come in peace… 🙂

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    • Cats are basically loners, although tabby came to us with her litter sister Nera. two different looking cats, but they grew up together and if they fought it was a play fight. fluffy was always the odd one out, although as a kitten tabby would do a cat chase with him through the appartment. It would now be a mistake to get another cat as I am sure Tabby would not welcome it and we have had our three cats. we are now too old to start agan.

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