Daily Feline Prompt: Feline singin’ in the rain

Safe inside, toasty warm, while water pitter-patters on the roof… describe your perfect, rainy afternoon.


“What did you say Mrs. Human? It’s raining. No way am I going anywhere.”

“But Tabby you would be sheltered outside on the porch from the balcony above.”

“I don’t care about being sheltered. Rain is wet, it come from above and it is not normal. We don’t even have a word for it in meow. Bastet banned it from our language from the beginning.”

“But you drink water.”

“That is different. That is water that arrives from below. We have a choice of getting our paws wet or not. It is one of the most enjoyable pleasures of a feline to daintily dip the paw into a bowl of water and savour the flavours lick by lick on the tongue afterwards. You could perhaps compare it to an old wine that has matured in the caves of porto. It is exquisite, the flavour of life.”

“But it is only ordinary water Tabby, the same that come from above. It all arrives from above, but we humans collect it.”

“Do you really think that any self-respecting feline would stand in the so-called collected rain and let it run over the carefully styled fur. It would ruin my appearance. I would be just one heap of smelly hair. Leave the rain to the dogs, they glory in it, rolling in the mud. We felines take pride in our appearance. And now leave me to my afternoon sleep. By the way you could perhaps clean my cushion when I am finished. I noticed some feline hairs an whiskers have collected over time. That would be something to do on a rainy afternoon.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline singin’ in the rain

12 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline singin’ in the rain

  1. Dear Tabby, I agree with you but my little sister thinks rain is GREAT!!! This is more evidence that she’s a little crazy. I really missed reading your posts while we were traveling around. I hope you missed me, too. Yours always, even in abstentia, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      I saw you were not around, but I thought you might have buried something and could not remember where. I think rain is more a dog thing that a feline thing. I had a feline moment just now. Mr. and Mrs. Human were eating food and I was outside when Roschti made a suprise attack. I pelted throught the cat flap at 200 kilometers/hour but made it one piece, he was hot on my paws. Mrs. and Mrs. Human had to check if the cat flap was still in one piece.
      From our feline friend over the pond – Tabby

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  2. Tabby, Rains bring luck and just see your dear Dusty dog came back to see you after a long gap. Even I missed his comments. I know you are very particular about your appearance but it’s okay once in a while to go out and sing in the dance. Your human will click some wonderful photos for her blog.

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  3. Dear Tabby,

    I’ve only recently started catching your updates but it’s clear you’re much better at training your Humans than I am. I can learn a lot from you, I’m sure.

    I got caught in the rain today but luckily Mr Human had just come home from work so I rubbed myself dry on his trouser leg. He said I was a “sweet girl”, clearly ignorant of the necessity of removing as much moisture from my delicate fur as quickly as possible.

    I’ve meowed him to read your last post about meditation as soon as possible. I’ve had a tiring day of following Mrs Human around the house and I was perfectly content to stretch out on my back on the bed next to Her. Clearly Mr Human thought my head tilted to one side was an invitation to give me a belly rub.

    To add further insult to injury he then proceeded to slide into bed beside me and Mrs Human when there was a perfectly sizeable patch of floor nearby. I am writing this now from the bathroom as it’s the only place I can get peace until they fall asleep. Mr Human does make rather a good kneading cushion during the night though so I will return later.

    I will let my brother Marmalade know what a wise mentor I have found here. The Humans think he is missing – they have put wanted posters up everywhere like he is some sort of criminal! – but he just didn’t have the patience to mould them to our needs like I do so has gone a wandering. We are still in contact telepathically, of course. I do hope he comes back soon though as he always tagged our Instagram pictures #chocolatandmarmalade and I have much better things to do like stalking mice than that. He may have gotten himself lost though. I am surrounded by fools.

    I will write again soon.

    Best wishes,


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    • Meow Chocolate, yes there are many problems that arise by the human train of thoughts. They are different to us I suppose, one of the more primitive races, but are easily trained. If I see Marmalade on my wanderings I will tell him to look in. I have never actually got lost, just sometimes forgot the time, although time is a human thing. Once Mrs. Human searched for me as I was gone almost all day. I was watching her from behind a bush until I got fed up with her “Tabby where are you” calls and then I appeared. Yes, those humans can get very nervous sometimes, and for no reason at all.
      A human training programme is never really completed because they are slow learners. Just keep one eye open, even when sleeping, you never know what they might do next.
      Wishing a meowy day – Tabby

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