Daily Feline Prompt: Feline RSVP

Plan the ultimate celebration for the person you’re closest to, and tell us about it. Where is it? Who’s there? What’s served? What happens?


“Tabby I said smile, not make a ferocious jungle animal “I will eat you for dinner” pose. It is a photo to show all your wonderful feline friends on the invitation to the party.”

“Huh, Meow, party, invitation? I must still be sleeping, those nightmares get worse every day.”

“No Tabby, I thought it would be a nice gesture to invite some of your feline colleagues to let them get to know you and how you live.”

“Err Mrs. Human, my colleagues are felines as you rightly emphasise and felines do not get to know you, unless they are planning a territorial takeover. When they arrive they will note every space where the food is stored for future attacks. They will paw through my territory outside my home and plan a takeover. My days will never be safe again. No party, no get together and no colleagues.”

“But I was thinking that you were perhaps feeling lonely on your own at home.”

“On the contrary Mrs. Human, I am not alone. My thoughts are occupied with building a psychological barrier between myself and the others.

At first I was afraid I was petrified
Thinking I couldn’t live without felines by my side
And I’ve been spending nights
Thinking how they could do wrong
And I grew strong
And I learned how to get along
And now I’m here
In my own space
And no longer do I have a sad look upon my face
I should have changed that stupid cat flap
And marked a territorial key
If I’ve known for a second that they would be back to bother me
I will not go, walk out the door
Not turn around again
Other felines are not welcome anymore
They are the ones who try to hurt me with meows
I will not crumble
I will not lay down and die?
No, not I, I will survive

to the tune of Felines always survive by Gloria Gaynor Sharpened Claws. It was top of the feline Hit Parade last year, remember.”

“I think you have made your scratch mark Tabby, forget the whole party, just sleep.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline RSVP

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline RSVP

    • I would no longer enjoy a party. Too many people, too much noise. I am glad for the days when I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. I had one advantage when visiting my dad in London. He is no longer so active and neither am I. He falls asleep now an again and I did not have to have a guilty conscience when I followed his example. I think the whole week in London, I was either with my dad or at my friend’s house I did not even visit the nearby town for a shopping trip, and I did not miss it. I really must be getting older.


  1. Tabby, that was great! Oh, here’s Dusty… Hi Tabby, Don’t ever do that again. My human sang your song to me and seriously? She sounds OK when she howls, but when she sings? Dark times, dark times. We canines have very sensitive hearing. I think the only solution is for you and your human never to write any more parodies of disco songs. Sorry to be so assertive, but… Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog


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