Daily Feline Prompt: A Tale of Two Feline Cities

If you could split your time evenly between two places, and two places only, which would these be?

Bird House

“Well that’s an easy one Mrs. Human. We felines have only two cities, inside and out, both having the common denominator Territory.”

“But you used to travel a bit further when you were younger Tabby. I remember searching for you when you did not come home all day.”

“That’s your problem. I knew where I was and that is the main thing. You humans worry too much. Home is where the whiskers are. By the way I see you have at last constructed the cat feeding/sorry bird feeding station in my outside territory.”

“That is for the birds Tabby, and has nothing to do with felines.”

“It is a matter of how you look at it. You can think how beautiful the birds are and they sing: a perfect subject for a photograph or you study their movements, wait for the right moment and hopla, bird for dinner.”

“Tabby it is not a meal on wings for felines. I have the bird station to ensure that the birds have enough to eat throughout the cold winter days.”

“I agree Mrs. Human.”

“You agree?”

“Of course I do. The birds are hungry, they stuff themselves full of wonderful seeds and nutritious nuts soaked in fat. They expand and get nice and fat. A delightful meal for a feline, could not be better.”

“But I do not feed them to supply you with food Tabby.”

“That is the difference between humans and felines. You go to town with Mr. Human and spend money on a good meal in a restaurant. It might even be chicken or pheasant that you eat. Perhaps something from a cow. I am glad for you both, enjoy your food. In the meanwhile I stay at home, take a trip to the outside, sit in the garden and wait for a nice fat bird that flies past. I don’t even have to cook it and no-one has to serve it. We felines are very independent.”

“Tabby if your harm one feather on a birds wing you will have problems with me.”

“Don’t worry Mrs. Human, we felines don’t eat feathers, they tend to stick in our throats. We prefer pure meat.”

Daily Feline Prompt: A Tale of Two Feline Cities

8 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: A Tale of Two Feline Cities

  1. Dear Tabby, I’m afraid you will be reprimanded for harming the birds and their wonderful station Mrs.Human has laid down strict rules. Open your meow and check the meaning of rules. I wonder whether violation of rules exists in meow or not…

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  2. When Owen was just learning to talk, he toddled into my office and pulled on my pants. “Bird feet!” he said. “Bird feet.”
    I thought he meant bird feed … but finally, I looked under the dining room table … and there they were. A pair of bird’s feet. The cat left them after eating the rest. Apparently, including the feathers.

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    • We would find mouse tails with the bit behind them left as relics of the meal. Luckily they did it all outside. In fluffy’s seeing days he was the killer. Anything that flew or walked on four paws smaller than himself, and he ate it all, there was nothing left.


  3. Dear Tabby,

    You’re so lucky your Human has set a trap to entice down the birds. No such luck here. They squawk from the safety of the hedge or tap dance along the roof above Mr and Mrs Human’s bedroom just to taunt me.

    I did catch a small mouse though – three times! It was a tiny, baby of a thing though so not much for eating. I let it run loose in the house awhile while Mr and Mrs Human freaked out looking for it. I fear the third episode was too much for the little thing and he died of exhaustion.

    I wonder, do you have any feline hunting tips, Tabby?



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