Daily Feline Prompt: I can’t stay mad at you – Suspicious Felines

Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?


“Of course I never hold grudges Mrs. Human. As long as my food bowl is full and there is enough water, what could there be to forgive. On the other hand, I do think you take liberties with my food supplies.”

“But Tabby you always have enough to eat.”

“That is not my problem. I just find that there are some humans that do not understand the needs of a feline. Did Bastet eat vitamin pellets? No, definitely not. And what about my ancestors that were worshipped as gods? They would have tipped vitamin pellets into their litter tray.”

“Yes, but Tabby, in the days of Bastet and being worshipped as a god there were no vitamin pellets.”

“Exactly, that all arrived afterwards, when it was forgotten that we are gods and we were not created to swallow pellets. We felines were destined for something better, our dainty palettes need to be pampered with real food. What’s for dinner this evening?”

“Your bowl is always full, you can eat when you want to.”

“That is not an answer to my question. Do you humans always have to ignore our needs. I remember only last year when you did not serve tuna fish for a complete week some time in winter. We now have Winter again, so do not repeat the experience.”

“You remember what you ate, or didn’t eat, last Winter.?

“Of course. I might not hold grudges, but we felines register it all in our whiskers and never forget. It is all marked in my diary.”

“You have a diary?”

“Of course. But not a diary like humans, it is an online diary tucked away in the diary section of my brain, where the telepathic department is. I can see it before me, 12th December 2014, no tuna fish served until 19th December 2014. Not that I hold a grudge, but it is imprinted on my circuits.”

“But I think it was snowing then and I could not go shopping with the car.”

“That has nothing to do with it. There are busses and even trains. I will never forget that as long as I have my 9 lives, well at least 6 of them. I think a couple got lost on the way.”

“Ok, Tabby, but this evening there is tuna fish.”

“Of course there is, it is Wednesday and on Wednesday there is always tuna fish. Not  that I would hold a grudge if you did not serve tuna fish, I might recycle somewhere else than my recycling tray, just to make a point.”

Daily Feline Prompt: I can’t stay mad at you – Suspicious Felines

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: I can’t stay mad at you – Suspicious Felines

  1. Dear Tabby, I understand your feelings, but one day I was complaining to Lily that we never got to catch birds, gophers and such and she said, ‘You’re just bad at it, Dusty.’ I said, ‘Yeah, but this dry food?’ Lily said, ‘Do you realize how OLD I am? I don’t think I would have lived so long and so well if our human hadn’t fed us these disgusting vitamin pellets’. She has a point. She was almost 16 when she died. That’s 112 in dog years. Yours always, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Dusty,
      I suppose you have a point, but a canine point. I am now 13 years old, meaning about 70 years in human My eating habits depend on human habits because I eat what I get. I have caught a mouse once I think, but it was not my sort of thing, too many bits and pieces. The main advantage with vitamin pallets is they are always there. The dish is always full, so if there is nothing better to choose I just eat them, although I must say a dish of tuna is much better. If only I had those opposable thumbs. Perhaps you might get some turkey, I think you are celebrating thanksgiving over the pond.
      Enjoy your thanksgiving – Tabby

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