Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Wanderer

Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit.


“I visit my top five places daily. The Recycling tray, my food bowl, my water supply, the bathroom for a nice comfortable sleep on the carpet and of course my favourite cushion on top of the wardrobe. I am just going for a breath of fresh air Mrs. Human.”

“OK, when will you return.”

“I beg your pardon. How should I know, there are things to see and work to be done. I will return when I feel like it.”

“I was just wondering about when I should prepare your evening meal.”

“What’s being served?”

“It is Thursday, so it will be a wonderful vitamins enriched bowl of pellets, chicken style.”

“Oh, not exactly something to rush back for. Couldn’t you apply some imagination and perhaps garnish it with some calf liver.”

“But Tabby, that is very expensive.”

“Mrs. Human what is money when my state of health is more important. Those vitamin pellets do not agree with my digestive system. Yesterday I had to manufacture a hairball and that is not an easy job.”

“I am sure that hairballs do not have a connection with vitamins pellets. I saw you eating grass outside and that is the reason for your hairball.”

“How do you know you have never had a hairball.”

“Humans don’t get hairballs, only felines.”

“Exactly, so a human can never know what we felines endure in the production of a hairball. First of all we choke a little, then we choke more and eventually we really have to ……”

“Tabby, I am not interested in the biological process of producing a hairball. You always seem to be relieved when it eventually appears.”

“Of course. You should see the ginger tom’s hairballs, they are ginger and have ……”

“Enough Tabby go for a walk and return in a hour, when I will have something ready for you to eat.”

“Vitamine pellets?”

“Garnished with catnip?”

“OK, at least I will sleep well.Think I will partake of some grass as a first course.”

“Tabby, no hairballs.”

“I am thinking about it.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Wanderer

13 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Wanderer

  1. Hahaha you have to take better care of Tabby her health is suffering lol

    I had not heard about the hairballs.

    A typo: interesting in biological process should be ‘interested’ in…

    I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing!

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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    • Tabby is the healthiest amongst us I think. Cats are always washing themselves and digest a lot of fur. they have to clear it and by eating grass it makes them produce a hairball, which is actually a very good thing. Having had three felines I was used to the process. I found this link which would explain it hairballs in cats and thanks for the typo correction. I write to fast for my keyboard sometimes.

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        • Tabby really seems to be a tough feline. The only problem we had once was when she got a throat infection, but with the right treatment it cleared up in a week. It is just difficult to convince a cat that taking tablets is something good. They have a feeling you are trying to kill them. Eventully we had to take her to the vets daily for an injection. Othewise she never seems to have problems with her health.

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          • Oh that is an interesting anecdote. I am glad to hear that. Yes it can be difficult to convince pets to take medicines. Thanks for sharing that 🙂


    • it’s true, although our pets are pets and not all are lucky enough to become pets. I know a lady in England (online Facebook) that now has four dogs. Two are brothers. She already had one dog and adopted another from a place in Cyprus. Afterwards she adopted the brother (also in cyprus) and eventually fell in love with another stray from the home in Cyprus and adopted that one as well. The three dogs were all flown over to London by plane. She was informed of the flight they were arriving on and went to the airport to pick them up. Of course we all admired the photos of her rescue dogs on facebook.

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  2. Dear Tabby, Everyone around here is covered in white fur most of the time. My human has to make Christmas cookies and she’s afraid that they’ll be full of Bear’s fur. She might end up buying them at the store just to be sure there’s no extra fiber… I have heard of this hairball thing, but, sorry, it sounds pretty disgusting. My human says I’m an unusual dog because I groom myself, but I learned it from my Siberian husky moms. Between us, I think you should be nicer to your human. What if you didn’t have her? Yours forever and ever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      When my litter sister Nera was amongst us there would be black fur over everything, but she was very fluffy (even fat, but she never liked to hear that) Fluffy left white fur like silk threads everywhere. Mrs. Human has often said that I am no problem with my fur (let us forget the hairballs). My mum taught me how to keep clean, although I sort of felt it in my whiskers how it worked It can be quite exhausting with that washing ritual. I am quite independent really, Mrs. Human just looks after the the things that bother her, so I let her get on with it.

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  3. hahah! My cats all cheered at this post–especially Teemu. He likes to surprise me in the morning with a hairball or two. I think Tabby is becoming bossier and bossier…..you had better hop to, Mrs AngloSwiss! 😀

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    • I just let Tabby think that she is the boss, it is psychological beneficial and I don’t want to destroy her ideas on life. Hairballs usually happen when we have visitors which is not very positive. She probably wants to make a point somewhere.


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