Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Life Line

You’re on a long sleep, and a paw reader sitting next to you insists she reads your paw. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?

Tabby paw

“Mrs. Human what are you doing with my paw. I was having a wonderful relaxing sleep.”

“I am taking a photo of it, but you have curled it up.”

“What do you expect? I do not sleep with outstretched paws, I stretch them in between to encourage the circulation. And why do you need a photo of my paw.”

“I thought I would read your paw to discover more about you.”

“Mrs. Human I am a feline, once worshipped as a god, and not a specimen for human experimental photography, especially when the photos are connected with some sort of daily blog prompt. I write my own prompts, and do not need any assistance from human hand.”

“Tabby, you do not have to emphasise the fact, I now have a scratch on the palm of my hand from your sharp claw.”

“Then keep your hands to yourself and do not approach my paws, especially when I am resting. Wait a minute Mrs. Human, that is an interesting scratch. Look, it makes a straight line diagonally across the palm of your hand. I am sure that has a deep meaning.”

“You think so Tabby?”

*Definitely, it means that you should wash under flowing water as otherwise I will have blood stains on my beautiful fur, and it might be possible that your t-shirt will also have a blood stain. But I must say it is a very interesting and decorative scratch mark.”

“Thankyou for the advice Tabby, yes, I will definitely wash it and afterwards put a plaster on it to stop any infection in case you were in your recycling tray before you laid down to relax.”

“No need to be insulting Mrs. Human.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Life Line

11 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Life Line

  1. Dear Tabby, My human read my paw, too, but since I usually sleep with my legs stretched out it was easy for her. She said that in my future I will go for a walk. She doesn’t think I know what w-a-l-k means, ha ha ha. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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      • We had tuna last night. Mindy gets the juice and a little bit of the meat. My little sister and I get the meat. I think my human takes most of it, though, and makes a sandwich. You’re very lucky to have a human who doesn’t make you share. Yours always, Dusty T. Dog

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        • If Mrs. Human is making something called spaghetti al tonno, then she gives me the juice in a dish, but the meat goes into the spaghetti. I don’t mind, I only like tuna because of the juice. I don’t mind a litle spaghetti but just one piece as a taster, I suppose that would be a spaghetto. I think we have trained our humans quite well.
          Tabby, the tuna eater

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    • You should see the scene when I have my Golden Oldie midday sleep. I go to bed and then I hear a crash and paw steps. There is then a noise, a throaty meow, as she jumps onto the bed and makes herself comforable, but she does not lay down. No, she stares at me and says meow, I say meow, and then the world is OK. I sleep and what she does I don’t know, but now and again I hear a purring noise.


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