Daily Feline Prompt: Keeping Up with the Persian Cats

Tell us about the one luxury item you wish you could afford, in as much detail as you can. Paint a picture for us.Swarovski Nera

“Meow Nera, paying a visit?”

“Yes Tabby, Bastet said I could take five and visit the old country to see how things are. Mrs. Human treating you with the required respect?”

“Oh yes Nera, no problem, although I am working on the tuna fish meal to increase it to three times a week instead of twice.”

“Good idea, we don’t get tuna fish in the Eternal Corn Chambers, but there are 50 different ways to prepare mice.”

“By the way Nera I like your portal to our world. A diamond studied cat flap. What do you think the chances are of me having one?”

“Yes, I have been given this door as recognition as I have now spent my first year in the Eternal corn Chambers with my 10th life. I am not sure if you can have one with just nine lives, although when I look at the list, you have lost a couple of lives on the way.”

“But you did as well Nera so how comes you now have a tenth life?”

“That comes with the transition to the next world. It is all thrown in as a special offer. 10 Lives, mice three times daily and of course cat nip when you need it.”

“Sounds great.”

“Yes, the main disadvantage is that you don’t have to hunt for it. It is all there for the takings.”

“But that is the dream of every feline.”

“I know, but you can’t have everything, and my paws do miss the thrill of the chase. I have to go now Tabby, Bastet is calling, she needs help with Fluffy.”

“How is Fluffy?”

“Oh very well, he just does not have the knack with flying yet, but Bastet say she might give him a couple of wings to help. He is still only a beginner up here and only has the gold cat flap at the moment. It is only the special ones that get it in diamonds. Now I really have to go, so bye Tabby, and one day you will have your tenth life, but at the moment it seems to me that you do not need it. You have a few more blogs to pen in the meanwhile.”

“Bye Nera, give my best purrs to Fluffy.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Keeping up with the Persian cats