Daily Feline Prompt: If I could turn back my whiskers

If you could return to the past to relive a part of your life, either to experience the wonderful bits again, or to do something over, which part of you life would you return to? Why?

Tabby eating tuna fish

“Let’s go back to last Sunday Mrs. Human.”

“Well, that is not very imaginative. You can return to your kitten days together with your brothers and sisters, or even to your first walk alone in the garden. What was so special about last Sunday?”

“I got tuna fish of course. It’s your own fault I am not very imaginative Mrs. Human, if I got tuna fish every day I would not have to dwell on my memories.”

“But you are always fed regularly Tabby. I think we have had this conversation before.”

“Of course we have. There is not a lot of fun in a feline life at the wim of a human.”

“An there is not a lot of fun for a human waiting on a feline all day.”

“Don’t overdo it Mrs. Human. It is not all day, In between I allow you to go shopping and now and again you can read a book or watch the TV, as long it fits in with my timetable.”

“Yes, exactly.”

“I cannot have you neglecting my recycling tray or filling my bowls with food and water, just because of some sort of human pasttime. I even notice you concentrate on your computer instead of giving me a tummy tickle or a head stroke. You should get your priorities sorted Mrs. Human.”

“Oh, sorry Tabby, in future I will organise my time table to suit your needs.”

“I should think so, and don’t forget to include an extra dish of tuna during the week.I think Friday would suit me, it would break the monotony of waiting from Sunday to Wednesday.”

“But Tabby…….”

“No buts Mrs. Human. A wise human once said “feeding my felines is not like feeding myself. it matters more”.”

“I don’t think they were the exact words Tabby.”

“Exact does not exist in Meow Mrs. Human.”

Daily Feline Prompt: If I could turn back my whiskers

5 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: If I could turn back my whiskers

  1. Tabby sounds like a very talented, yet touchy, top cat. Does Tabby still have all nine lives in reserve? I don’t think Tabby has to worry about the whiskers of time just yet.

    We had salmon chowder last night, my wife always trims some off, some of what comes in the can. I thought our old cat was going to OD. Years ago tuna was cheaper than canned cat food at times. Our Princess would come running and slide around the corner into the pantry when she heard the can opener.

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    • Tabby was always a quiet feline in the background when her big fat black long furred litter sister Nera was still amongst us. since she has been gone, and Fluffy our other feline to the eternal corn chambers, she has taken over and gives the orders. I am not sure how many lives she still has, but she was always careful and ran if some other animal was bigger than her, which most were.

      She usually get the vitamin pellet food, and her dish is always full. For a treat she can have tuna, although she tends to drink the juice and leave the rest. She has become a funny eater. tin Operners were always a signal to my felines and I would have all three sitting and waiting for the tin to be opened and the dish filled.


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