Daily Feline Prompt: Can’t Stand me, but I love me

What do you find more unbearable: watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why?

What a silly question. I know I am a modest feline, keep myself to myself and rarely brag about how good I am or how clever I am. I have so many talents there would not be enough scope in this blog to mention all. Mrs. Human is full of praise how I help her in my home with eating the tuna fish she gives me, although only twice a week, but you cannot have everything I suppose.

I am also very good at using my recycling tray and always remind Mrs. Human to empty it when necessary. Did I tell you that I am an expert at defending my territory? Unfortunately it might happen that I am busy sleeping when one of my feline friends decide to invade my private sphere, but Mrs. Human is watching for me if necessary.

Today I found a wonderful new sleeping place. It was a cupboard full of human clothes and the door was open. I mean what would you do, as a feline. You jump in and make yourself comfortable. There was a small commotion when Mr. Human almost closed the cupboard door on me, but I reminded her to leave the door open and put a label on the door saying “do not close, Tabby seeping place” which worked quite well. I was left in peace until I noticed that Mrs. Human was preparing for her golden oldie midday sleep. I decided to accompany her as sleeping on a human bed is an improvement on a cupboard.

And Mrs. Human took my photo in the cupboard.

Tabby in cupboard

Mrs. Human said to apologise (a word which does not exist in Meow) for the dark photo. It seems the cupboard has no human light and I told her to keep it that way. Who needs light, we felines can see in the dark.

Daily Feline Prompt: Can’t Stand Me – but I love me

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Can’t Stand me, but I love me

  1. Dear Tabby, Mindy is in her sleeping hiding place right now which is just on the carpet beside our human’s bed, but SHE thinks we can’t see her and we can’t but we could if we just got up and looked for her! My little sister and I sleep on the living room floor but we are each about five times bigger than you are and there’s no cupboard big enough, not here, anyway. My human isn’t writing prompts any more, she says. I think that remains to be seen. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      I think Mrs. Human did not want to write the prompt today, Something to do with a writer’s block, but I reminded her with a paw that my fan club would be disappointed. I was lucky today, the cupboard is not often open but I was in before you could say Tabby which was what Mrs Human said in a loud voice whilst I was making myself comfortable. I am now alone, my sister and assistant are now hunting mice in the etneral corn chambers, so I can make myself comfortable everywhere (if Mrs. Human is not looking). Have fun, best meows to the other four legged canines – Tabby.

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    • Tabby never knew the joys of motherhood, but I sometimes have the feeling when she lays next to me midday for our midday sleep, that she thinks I am her mother. She starts her neading movements and waits for a tummy tickle. They are all babies really.


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