Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Witness Protection

When you do something scary or stressful — bungee jumping, public speaking, etc. — do you prefer to be surrounded by friends or by strangers? Why?


“Honest Mrs. Human, it wasn’t me.”

“What wasn’t you?”

“That bird out there whistling and screaming “murder”, “help”.”

“If it wasn’t you, then who was it?”

“I was just having an hour of innocent bird watching. It was so fascinating to see how our feathered friends fight for a front row place on the feeding station, and they that big juicy bird fell off the platform. The other birds all flew over to see what had happened and the bird that had fallen was trying to stand again.”

“What happened afterwards, Did you attack the bird and try to capture it.?”

“Not exactly Mrs. Human. Of course I wanted to help the little bird to stand up again and fly away. I was just going to close my teeth around its body and it began to scream and accuse me of wanting to eat it.”


“No, Mrs. Human it wasn’t like that. As I picked up the bird in my teeth, to help of course. I mean it might have been injured. I had to drop it.”

“You dropped it?”

“I noticed it was too heavy to lift and carry. Suddenly there were more birds all laughing at me, so I decided to run for it.”

“You were afraid of the other birds.”

“The problem is they are all a little overweight. It seems that they often fall from their perch on the tree and the feeding station. Perhaps you are feeding them too much Mrs. Human.”

“Do you think so?”

“The blackbirds are now as big as me and even the sparrows are developing muscles on their wings. I tell you it all reminds me of the Alfred Hitchpaw film “The Feline Killing Birds”. I am not going out into that garden, no way, until you stop feeding them.”

“But then they will be hungry and lose the nice fat layer they have built up to keep them warm in Winter.”

“Exactly Mrs. Human. I don’t like fat on my birdmeat, prefer it nice and lean.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Witness Protection

8 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Witness Protection

  1. Dear Tabby, My sister, Lily, who is now in the infinite forest running with all my other deceased sisters and a couple of brothers, used to catch birds as they flew overhead. She would just sort of lie on the ground and the birds thought she was sleeping. It was a sophisticated husky bird-nabbing system. I tried to learn it, but because I’m a large black dog, I never look completely innocent to anyone ever. I understand that successful bird nabbing requires putting the entire bird in your mouth at once so I don’t think you felines are equipped for it as well as we canines, but it is noble that you try. My human disagrees, “Dusty are you out of your mind? Cats are designed to catch birds!” but how many birds has SHE caught? Yours always and forever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      My Human catches them in a place called supermarket, although she has somehow missed the point. She cooks them – strange, although I don’t mind a piece now and again. We felines have a different approach. Food is almost at its best when it is the result of the hunt. Nothing like pretending, we sleek one paw after the other. It is in our nature that we are silent, and our advantage is that no bird notices we are on our way until the pounce. There is some sort of atospheric movement that warns them and they fly away. On the other paw, it would be boring if they would just sit and wait. There would be no satisfaction for the feline digestive system. Sorry to say it, but it is fairly obvious that no bird would offer itself to a large black canine. I also avoid them – but don’t take it personal. We can remain online buddies.
      Have a good barking day – Tabby the brave.

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    • Of course birds are natural cat food! Small birds. My two that could run free caught several over their lifetimes. One even caught a bird that had escaped his cage and flew free outside. Probably she wanted to spare the bird a life of misery. I felt a little dishonest not to tell the family who went along searching for poor “HANSI” – while my cat was munching on said bird. But I thought it would be better to spare the preschool children the facts of life and death a little while longer.
      Cats are hunters. All cats. They love meat even more than canines. Cats are perfectly equipped for their hunting: Claws, to crawl along trees, most cats have a good camouflage-fur, excellent hearing, good noses – and eyesight that is extremely well doing in the dusk and dawn. Reflexes that would make any martial arts sportsman proud. Flexibility, that enables them to turn even in a jump (I saw my big tom hit a FLY at about my shoulder height – jumping up from the floor). I am sorry, Martha, dogs need a pack to be good hunters. Cats are artists when it comes to hunting. They are perfection in motion. Born killer-machines. I adore them.

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      • I had three cats, Nera and Tabby (litter sisters) and Fluffy who was a Selkirk Rex. Anyhow Nera and Tabby never really caught the birds, although not through lack of trying. Fluffy was a real hunter. He would proudly bring the bird into our apparment, carrying it in his mouth – half dead of course. My husband would put them out of their misery. However, if Fluffy caught one that we didn’t see he would devour it and there was nothing left. He was also the only feline I had ever see that ate a mouse completely, even the tail and the bit behind it that most cats leave (I don’t know why). Fluffy was blinded with two years of age, so his catching days were then finished, but he was really a problem, especially for the baby birds that had no defence. The mother bird would fly around tweeting when it happened. Those days are now gone. Tabby is the remaining feline and at 13 years of age, she is slowing down.


        • When did Fluffy die? I have a feeling you still talked about Fluffy in this blog when I started following. With 13 Tabby is what I would call middle-aged … rather about 50 to 60. She may have 10 more years in her. The cat of a colleague of mine was 23 when she died and the cat of a comedian, about which he wrote a book (Schmidts Katze – can recommend it) was 23 years old, too.

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          • Fluffy died Last year in July. He had an eye infection and an Operation from which he did nötig recover. It was very sad. We waited a week, back and forth to the vets but to no avail and wie had have him put to sleep.

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            • I am so sorry to hear that. So now Tabby is an only cat, isn’t she? Has she ever tried to get near that Sphynx-cat that lives in the neighbourhood? Or is she relaxed about not meeting other cats?

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            • Tabby is a loner and the only other cat she accepted was Nera her litter sister. They both belonged to a colleague of mine when the mother cat had a litter of four cats and I took them both together. They were almost inseperable, as far as that goes with felines. I think tabby cats are very independent and our Tabby seems to have a very strong healthy consitution. She avoids all other cats. The sphynx cat is no longer in our area the lady that had him moved away. Shame really, I love taken photos of it. I think Tabby was really disturbed by seeing a naked cat.


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