Daily Feline Prompt: Felilne Yawn

What bores you?


Meow All, Tabby calling from her home that Mrs. Human shares with me. Boredom does not exist in meow. Today I am doing a selfie blog. Mrs. Human is busy doing something human like ironing, although I really do not understand what the point is. That would bore me. Why iron a perfectly comfortable pile of freshly washed items, what a waste of comfortable sleeping space. To sink into a pile of t-shirts, bed linen, socks an underwear unironed has its advantages. I can share my delightful scent and spread a few furry samples on it. Is Mrs. Human happy about this? No, she utters some incomprehensible human words, in a loud voice I would remark, and begins to shake it and remove all traces of the feline touch.

I have to find another place to continue my sleep. Now and again I yawn, but that is only a short interlude whilst I decide to change my sleeping position. This is always accompanied with 2-3 turns on my own axis. Why wander around when you can sleep in the same place. Sleeping has its various positions. Stretched out on the bathroom floor is very comfortable, as it distributes the floor heating throughout my fur. Curled up is also a good variation, I can concentrate on my paws and ensure that they never leave my legs (see photo).  I often position myself in a place that will be obstructing human movements. This all has its advantages, you are noticed as an important presence and will never be ignored.

“What did you say Mrs. Human? You have finished this ironing thing and you can now help me to blog? Not necessary Mrs. Human, I have done it all. Of course I stayed respectable and did not rant about the humans in my life, how could I?”

Yawn – think I will transfer myself to the bed. I love human beds.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Yawn

10 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Felilne Yawn

    • Of course, I could never see the sense of ironing perfectly clean comfortable piles of soft fabrics made for a nice feline sleep.Mrs. Human irons it, folds it and puts it away and all I can do is hope that she leaves the cupboard open that I can disappear into its depths.


  1. Tabby, you will be happy to know I leave the linen cupboard open as often as is reasonable so my feline owners can burrow in and hide. As a courtesy to all of us I keep it closed when I’m leaving since they, unlike you, are not clever enough to realize that gently pushing on the door will open it. They have thus been “trapped” inside for hours in the past. They are, however, clever enough to just go back to sleep and await my return.

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    • I usually put a sticky note on the door of the cupboard when Tabby climbs in that the door must be kept open, sleeping felime. It has happened that the door has been closed and after an hour we notice that Tabby is nowhere to be found. Eventually we look in the cupboard and find her still asleep. It has been known that mysterious thumping noises have been heard, which is Tabby telling us it is time to let her out.

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      • I have one closet my cats are forbidden to enter because they disappear immediately. It’s not that’s it’s that messy, it’s just full of cat-sized nooks and crannies, and I have no idea they’re there until I hear a pitiful cry hours later. meoow. meow? mee. oow.


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