Daily Feline Prompt: My Feline FavoUrite

What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favoUrite person? Tell us about it.

Tabby posing for a photo

“Tabby where have you been?”

“I was taking a walk Mrs. Human.”

“But you have been missing since this morning, I was worried.”

“Worried does not exist in meow, so no problem.”

“Worried exists int he human language Tabby.”

“That is your problem Mrs. Human. I left my home this morning to take a walk in the fresh air and saw Roschti. I decided to avoid Roschti as he was in a hissy mood and I was not ready for a fight. I am a peace loving feline and avoid trouble where I can. Roschti is bigger than me.”

“But you could have returned Tabby?”

“The problem was that between me and my cat flap Roschti was sitting and I decided to make a detour. On the way I nearly fell over a hole in the ground. I noticed the hole was the entrance to a whole maze of mouse paths and so I had to wait.”

“Why did you have to wait?”

“You do ask silly questions Mrs. Human. I had to wait for the mouse/mice to appear. I put my paw into the hole and could feel the vibrations beneath the ground. The sun was soon high in the sky and no mouse appeared, so I decided to walk further.”

“Was Roschti still there?”

“No idea, he was not my principal worry at that moment. I was tired and found a nice sheltered place beneath a tree, so I curled up and when I awoke the sun was different, so I assumed it was later. I took an exploratory look at the surroundings and found they were interesting. I don’t think I had ever been so far from home. It was really a fun trip. There was an animal in the tree with a big bushy tail, so I gave it a friendly meow. As it did not return the meow I decided it was not feline or friendly which was a shame, although the bushy tail did not look so edible, but I imagined the delights of clamping this strange creature between my teeth. It looked quite tasty. I tried to climb the tree, and discovered a comfortable branch, with a good view, so I rested a while. In he meanwhile the creature with the bushy tail disappeared into a hole in the tree trunk and so I was forced to wait until it appeared again.”

“Forced to wait?”

“Well you never know. By this time I was really feeling hungry. Anyhow as I decided that long walks were not so profitable and I decided to return home and now I am here.”

“I am glad Tabby, I was worried.”

“Ok, let’s forget the worry bit, where’s the tuna fish: my welcome home dish.” 

Daily Feline Prompt: My Feline FavoUrite

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: My Feline FavoUrite

  1. Yesterday, Bonnie ate my lunch. I have yet to forgive her. It was the last remaining ham and cheese in the house and I was forced to resort to eating a protein bar until dinner. And then she had the gall to ask for a biscuit. The nerve! Pass the tuna please.

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    • And advatage with feline appetite. They rarely like anything we eat for lunch. They cannot digest vegetables and they are not so much into chese, just yogurt. The feline biscuit has not yet been invented thank goodness. Tabby is a cholesterol cat and will take a piece of spagetti or one sample of pasta and has been know to nibble on the corner of a potato. She loves potato chips, but mainly to have a good lick and not a chew.


  2. Dear Tabby — Sorry I missed your post yesterday. My human has has human things going on in the morning and isn’t reading anything, and no one reads your blog to me if she doesn’t do it! Be careful out there hunting; you might be seen by a dog, but it looks to me like your camouflage is pretty good. You’re pretty close to the same color as shadows on the ground. I say this because there’s a feline who prowls the alley behind our house, and I want to chase her but my little sister says, “No, anyway where is she?” all we see are footprints in the snow. Stay well and be careful, please. Yours forever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Luckily the canines have to be on leads here, although there are unfortunately always exceptions to the rule. Anyhow I live in feline land, although some of those felines should really learn better manners. Just a correct Dusty, we do not prowl, we are tourists, sightseeing and now and again like to take a souvenir of our travels to show the human we own how clever we are. I usually read the blog myself, but the keyboard is too small for my paws, so the human has to do the big switch on and she has to get out of bed first, or leave the cooking and cleaning. Cannot understand those creatures, must have been a mistake in the blueprint from the begiining. Probably one of the disadvantages of not being worshipped as gods from the beginning like us felines.
      Enjoy the day and try carrying the computer to the desk in your mouth if your human does not want to oblige. She might get the message.
      Tabby, the one that was worshipped as a god in the old country.

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