Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Life After Blogs

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?


“Mrs. Human is this my life without my computer, my food bowl and my water? Let me out immediately. Hiss, hiss.”

“No problem Tabby, but today is end of January.”

“I don’t care about Januarys, I only care about my nine lives and am not yet ready for my tenth. I am in a cage. Are you going to sell me on the feline slave market?”

“No Tabby, of course not. It is the day when you visit auntie doctor for your annual jabs.”

“For what? I am healthy, active and feel fine, at least I did until you put me in this cage. Let me out.”

“Tabby you will be at home before you can say Bastet.”

“I have no intention of saying Bastet or even seeing him today. I have an important appointment with a branch of catnip. Mr. Human, put me down, I do not like this, I am swaying back and forth.”

Half an hour later

“Tabby how was it?”

“Don’t ask silly questions. Dr. Frankensntein/Mabuse or whatever her name was  inserted a needle in my private parts. It was insulting. Then she had the audacity to say I had traces of tartar on my teeth. I had visions of my teeth being scraped with a saw, but she said it was not so bad. Then came the insult that I have put on weight, 300 grammes”

“You should really have more exercise Tabby, instead of sleeping the day away.”

“I have enough exercise walking to my food bowel and my recycling tray. That keeps me fit.”

“Now you have it behind you Tabby, and can forget it until next year in Janurary.”

“Mrs. Human, strike January from the calendar. I will now have a sleep to recover. I just have to be careful how I lay down.”


“Why? I had a monster needle inserted into my private parts. Do you think that goes unnoticed?”


Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Life After Blogs

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