Daily Feline Prompt: Just Another Feline Day

Our days are organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over. What’s your favorite daily ritual?

Tabby having a wash

Are you insinuating that all my days repeat themselves? Of course not, every day has a different purpose and meaning, I love variety. Today I awoke and jumped onto my four paws and had my daily thought. Eat and visit the great outdoors. Unfortunately I only found a dish of dehydrated vitamin pellets. Mrs. Human could perhaps change her routine and arise an hour earlier to fill my dish with fresh meat or fish, garnished perhaps with a twig of catnip. That would be something completely different and break the monotony of my day. I checked to see if there was fresh water in my outside dish. There was none. These humans really only think of themselves and never spare a thought on a poor neglected Tabby feline.

I decided to call Mrs. Human. After a few minutes she arrived, wiping the sleep out of her eyes. I pointed selectively with my paw at my water bowl, filled with the remaining dregs of yesterday and hissed. She went immediately into action, saying things like “Poor Tabby” and “I am so sorry Tabby, I was still in bed” and she filled my water bowl with fresh water. I made a reminder to intensify my human training programme, they are becoming slow in reacting.

Now I decided to do something completely different. I selected a comfortable position on the human bed and began to wash myself. After food and drink, it revives the circulation. Generally I begin with the tummy fur, but this time decided to wash the remainders of breakfast away from my face. With a paw lick I wiped across my whiskers, my face and naturally behind the ears. I paid particular attention to the mouth, we cannot have other felines smelling what I had for breakfast. It is shameful enough to eat the pellets, the others do not have to know.

And now, my favourite daily ritual. I circled three times, sank, put my head down and closed my eyes. You think I was sleeping? Of course i was, you can never get enough sleep. I planned to wake again some time at the human midday to see if something new had arrived in my dish.

Yes, a feline day is full of excitement.

Daily Feline Prompt: Just Another Feline Day