Daily Feline Prompt: Roaring Feline Laughter

What was the last thing that gave you a real, authentic, tearful, hearty belly laugh? Why was it so funny?


“Tabby, smile for the camera.”

“You must be kidding Mrs. Human. Since when does smile exist in meow.”

“But you must have an expression to show when you find something is funny.”

“Mrs. Human, felines do not do “funny”, unless of course it might be that the feline next door gets carried away in the claws of a buzzard, or is captured by a fox. That might bring a slight smile to my face.”

“Now that is not very nice Tabby.”

“Nice also does not exist in meow. And who cares. If I was caught in the paws of a fox, or kidnapped by a bird of prey, the cat next door would also clap his paws. It lays in the feline nature of things. What’s mine is mine and everything else is also mine if I am there first.”

“But you can still turn your head to the camera.”

“No, this is one of my artistic poses, and the back of my head also has its appeal. Just look at the fur tips on my ears. They are perfect, not every feline has them. It is only the special chosen felines that have the points of their ears accentuated by wisps of fur. And of course the perfect symmetry of my head. I can see a slight bump on the left hand side, but that is the remainder of the hard feline vitamin pellets that I have not yet chewed to satisfaction. The digestion of such food takes longer. If it had been feline friendly tuna fish, or even a morsel of minced filet steak this unsightly lump would not be showing. By the way, I thought I saw a chicken somewhere. Did you kill it yourself?”

“No Tabby, I bought it in the supermarket and will be cooking it later.”

“Ok, then a leg will do me, even a wing, but remove the bones first.”

“Tabby I did not intend to serve you chicken as well.”

“And if I smile for the camera. You can even take my photo as I am devouring the chicken.”

Daily Prompt: Roaring Feline Laughter