Daily Feline Prompt: My Feline Song

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Turn that line into the title of your post.


Tuna fish, tuna fish

Meow meow meow

my favourite dish

It makes me happy,

full of joy

Now give me my cat nip

my favourite toy

Tabby is clever, Tabby is good

I sharpen my claws

on a piece of wood

I, me and myself are all I need

And a mouse and bird to fulfil my greed

And now to sleep to rest my eyes

Worshipped as a god

I am so wise

Mrs. Human is good, she is so brave

tickles my tummy – a perfect slave.

I sing this song

I take a bow

I am the best

Meow, meow

Daily Feline Prompt: My Feline Song

20 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: My Feline Song

    • Thankyou so much for you visit Tabby is honoured to receive her first guest from Armenia . I leaned Russian for 12 years and can still read cyrillic, although am very much out of practice as I do not have an opportunity to speak Russian in Switzerland, although Armenian is something else.

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      • That’s so nice))) Greetings to Tabby, and I am very honoured that you’ve heard about my country. Actually, yes, I can speak Russian at a native level, so if you wish I may help you practice, but still Armenian is completely different 🙂 Even the alphabet ^_^ but one thing never changes: “katu” stands for cat :3

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        • Or Koshka I believe. I had a look at your alphabet, but that is something completely different. Of course I have heard of your country, if you know the French singer Charles Aznavour, you have heard of Armenia. Also the great crimes that happened against the people. The problem with Russian is that I have not equipped my computers to write in cyrillic, I can only do it in copy paste. also my Russian vocabulary is not as good a it was. Love to hear from you.

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