Daily Feline Prompt: Naked with Black Feline Socks

Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide in the bathroom? Why?

“Move over Tabby, I am doing the blogging today.”

“Hi Nera, but don’t make too much noise. Mrs. Human might hear you and you know how funny she gets when she sees a feline living her 10th life. She thinks you are a ghost, although I must say you are getting a bit transparent at the edges.”

“That is normal, we all look like that in the eternal corn chambers. Talking of naked with black socks, do you remember this memorable occasion.”

Nera the cat had a haircut

“How could I forget it Nera, although you seemed to bear it quite well.”

“I didn’t have a choice. I was quite happy laying in the sun, cleaning my beautiful sleek black fur and suddenly packed into a cage to the vet. How degrading.”

“But Mrs. Human did mention that your fur was the home for many other animals, such as snails and ants, even tics and it would be better for you to have a groom at the vets.”

“This was not a groom, it was a crime. Did she ask me, no. I had no choice in the matter. The snails were quite comfortable in my fur, although they mostly dehydrated. I did not even see an ant, and as for the tics. Ok, they fell off when they were satisfied I did not invite Mrs. Human to tread on one. She got hysterical, and found that red stains on her wonderful white tiled floor were not exactly so nice.”

“You must admit Nera, you felt a lot better afterwards.”

“First feline rule, never admit to anything. don’t lead humans into  believing you agree to anything.  To continue I returned home with this new look. Black socks and the rest left to the feline imagination.”

“I must say Nera, you do not look very happy in that photo.”

“Would you Tabby? To add insult to injury, she took my photo. At least I have never seen Bastet with scissors or an electric machine cutting fur. So now I must be going, duties call. We have a some new comers and I must show them around and where the best mice are.”

“How’s Fluffy?”

“He is fine Tabby. He is still in training but will pay a visit as soon as he has the time. So I am off now. And remember, keep your fur short, it is safer.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Nacked wih Black Feline Socks

11 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Naked with Black Feline Socks

    • Nera had to have her fur cut once a year. It grew so long and tangled she would pull it out herself with her teeth. Unfortunately Nera was the threat to every vet, so she had to have an anaesthetic for her fur trim.

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  1. Ha! This is a delightful post. I love cats; we have two who are brothers. I could just sit here and imagine these two carrying on a conversation as if it were two humans chatting over a cup of tea! Delightful and funny. 😊 I’m glad Nera was able to grow back her hair. She might have been quite the one to live with had she not! 😂

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