Daily Feline Prompt: Say Your Feline Name

Write about your name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself


“Of course I was known under many names in my active days Mrs. Human.”

“Really, what were you active about?”

“Shhhhh, not everyone has to hear. I was serving the feline cause. Oh yes, it was a risky time, but I was very clever. I was the one that discovered the great catnip conspiracy.”

“That sounds quite dangerous.”

“It was Mrs. Human, I was lucky to get away with my whiskers. I heard that a meeting was planned at midnight at the Moggie Den. A delivery of the best quality was expected, real snowball, Persian sugar of the best quality. I got the message over the telepathic communications and the boss said I should be there. So I made myself on my way. I could see their eyes flickering in the reflections of the fires, but I hid in a mouse hole that I had especially extended to fit my figure.”

“Was that possible?”

“Of course, I just threatened the mice and said they should dig a mega hole for me, otherwise they would feel the revenge of the catafia. I also promised them some of the loot afterwards. They decided to go in for the deal. Gaitto Capone  had arrived and was testing the quality of the catnip. Gradually the other members of the gang appeared and I then gave the mice the signal.They were well organised, Minnie the Moocha was their boss. The mice arrived, must have been at least 100 of them and they were everywhere. Even Gatto Capone could not resist the temptation and he and his men scattered chasing after the mice. What they did not know was that the mice were a group from Bastet’s corn chambers, usually applied to keep his cats of the 10th life happy. They were all reborn. Nera my litter sister, may she enjoy her 10th life, organised that part of the deal with Bastet.

Now was my chance and I grabbed what I could, must have been at least 3 legs full of catnip. I hobbled off with the loot.”

“And they never suspected you?”

“Of course not, My name is Tabby, Tabby Cat and who suspects an average tabby cat. It is better to remain incognito in life, the one that always runs from the others and be above suspicion. It is all a trick Mrs. Human, I am above suspicion. Now I must go, 9 life Paws Bond has a job for me. It is rumoured that there will be an attempt to take over the mills where they make the vitamin food.”

“I didn’t think you liked those pellets.”

“That is not the point, when 9 life Bond calls, you have to go. It is a matter of honour.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Say Your Feline Name

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