Daily Feline Prompt: Sudden Feline Shifts

You’re at the beach with some felines enjoying the sun, nibbling on some watermelon. All of a sudden, within seconds, the weather shifts and hail starts descending from the sky. Write a post about what happens next.

(If you need visual inspiration, this happened in Russia in 2014.)

My cousin Koschka said it did not happen in Russia. It was all propaganda put out by the KGB (Kat Gangster Bureau) in connection with the FBI (Feline Brothers Incorporated).


“Err, Mrs. Human, what am I supposed to do with that towel?”

“It’s a nice day, I thought you and your feline friends might like to take a walk to the river and go for a swim.”

“Forget, you don’t have to apply everything to the feline style of life with your daily prompts. I am allergic to water. And before you suggest it, we do not nibble on watermelon. It would give us a digestive problem. Just mince some bird or mouse, that will do. And something else, I do not have feline friends. I hate them and they hate me. That is why we get on so well together, it is all based on mutual feelings.”

“Well I was just saying.”

“Then don’t, forget it. It looks like rain to me in any case.”

“The sun is shining.”

“Mrs. Human, I feel it in my whiskers, believe me. If you are going out shopping for some tins of tuna fish then go  by car and take an umbrella.”

“I am going shopping, but I also need other food and not just tuna.”

“That is your problem. Tuna fish would be enough as far as I am concerned.”

“You are right Tabby, a large black cloud has appeared and there is lightening and thunder. Now we have hail.”

“See I told you, it is the human doomsday. Keep me away from old men with long beards and a big boat. He might decide to put me in his boat with the cat next door, and that will not be a good solution for the future of the felines.”

“Sounds very biblical Tabby.”

“That is the human way of looking at things. It would just be a mistake because the idea would be that the future of the feline race would depend on me and the cat next door.”

“You would become famous, perhaps an entry in the book of Bastet.”

“Forget it, the solution  to the future of the feline race would end before it begins. The feline next door and I often exchange our experiences of that fateful day at the vets when you and the neighbour decided they did not want  a feline family with kittens.”

“Oh, I see.”

“It doesn’t matter Mrs. Human, both the feline next door and I are glad we do not have to hunt for food for a growing family. After all, we have the wonderful, excellent, nutritious vitamin food pellets.”

“You don’t have to be ironic.”

“Oh, go and nibble on a piece of watermelon.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Sudden Feline Shifts

2 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Sudden Feline Shifts

  1. Our final cat, Big Guy, was a Somali, which is a long-haired Abysinnian. He was an amazing, wonderful cat. Incredibly smart. One of the odd characteristics of Somali and Abysinnians is that they LIKE water. They will go swimming if they have a chance. Big Guy used to stand at the sink and wait for the faucet to drip, then he’d try to catch the drops with his paws. We would turn it on for him so he could play with the water. He would join us in the shower or tub if we let him. I’m sure he would have loved the beach.


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