Daily Feline Prompt: Felis Mater

You’ve been asked to speak at your high school alma mater — about the path of life. (Whoa.) Draft the speech.

Tabby on guard

Kittens today is the day when you path through childhood has been completed. You have learnt from your mothers how to surprise an innocent mouse or bird, to encircle his warm pulsating body to apply your teeth and make an end to the chase.

I see that Tiddles has his paw in the air. Is there something you wish to ask?

Whether you should share your spoils with the other felines?

I think you should have a word with your father about that. It seems that an important part of your education was omitted. Oh, I see, you do not know who your father was. At least you do not know which of the cats your mother knew was your actual father. She lead quite a  movable life.

Yes, so it is with us felines. We belong to no-one, but we make our way on the path of life and nothing can stop us. And to answer your question, never share anything. You are the centre of the feline universe, the I, me and myself of everything. You have nine lives in front of you, use them to their full extent.

No Butch, when you lose one you do not carve a line with a claw in your spraying tree to keep count. All felines must know by their whiskers how many lives remain.

I will continue. Just putting one paw in front of the other is not sufficient. You must regularly sharpen your claws and only look a fellow feline in the eyes when you mean business. No Snowflake, I do not mean that sort of business, there is a time and place for everything, although I must agree the full moon does have a certain attraction.

Before leaving on your way through life, each and every one of you has a purpose in its feline life. If, one day, you find the solution to the development of the paw friendly tin opener, the word must be spread and Bastet informed. This will guarantee a tenth life in the eternal corn chambers and a mention in the Book of Bastet. Do not forget we were worshipped as Gods due to our egoistic and ruthless way of life. Females, go forth and multiply, but not too much otherwise there might not be enough birds to eat, and males, claim your territory and fight for your rights. Ignore what the others want, what you want is important.

Daily Feline Prompt: Felis Mater

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