Daily Feline Prompt: Evasive Feline Action

What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?


“Tabby, where are you? Tabby give an answer. I can see you, you are just about to disappear under the bed cover. Have you got something to hide? Do you have a secret?”

“Who me, never. I just wanted a few quiet moments away from the eyes of the human world.”

“But sleeping on the bed cover is much better than under. I can see what you are doing.”

“I am not doing anything, just trying to have a quiet sleep. And the word secret does not exist in meow. If we felines do something we do it and we have no problems with keeping things to ourself. We just do it.”

“You mean if you would hide a mouse or bird you would tell me, because secret does not exist in meow.”

“First of all I would not hide any sort of edible creature, I would eat it. And of course I would not tell you all about it. Why cause trouble when not necessary. We felines were brought up to know that what the human does not know does not bother it. And talking of secrets Mrs. Human, where have you put my pawpad?”

“You do not need it Tabby at the moment. You want to sleep.”

“Of course I need it. If I awake from my sleep I might want to paw a statement on Pawbook like “My human hides my pawpad because she thinks I do not need it” or “my human only serves tuna fish once a week”. Everyone one of my 530 feline friends in Pawbook will know all about it and they will definitely give me a few meow likes. You see, you cannot hide anything from me, my pawpad is already making a meow tone, it is on your desk.”

“Tabby, I turned the tone off.”

“Of course you did, for human ears you cannot hear the tone, but for feline ears it is perceptible. Do not forget we have a superior hearing quality and hear sounds that human ears  do not hear. Our pawpads are tuned to such decibels.”

“Where are you going with that pawpad?”

“None of your business, it is a secret.”

“I thought the word secret does not exist in meow.”

“Only when I want it to.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Evasive Feline Action

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