Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Karma Chameleon

Reincarnation: do you believe in it?


“Hello Nera. On a visit?”

“Meow Tabby, yes. Bastet said I could do a quick re-incarnation to see if it works.”

“I must say your edges are a lot more sharper than usual.”

“Yes, we have a new development in the eternal corn chambers. Dr. Paws Katzenstein got his 10th life last week and to celebrate we made him the chief developer of the perfect feline after life. He is still experimenting, because it seems that the new look only lasts for five minutes. I am the prototype for his experiments. Probably because of my wonderful silky shiny fur and beautiful yellow eyes. All I had to do was drink the special liquid. ”

“Yes I am sure Nera. Things do not change much when you enter the third dimension, you are still the same old Nera, modest as ever.”

“Of course, I was never a show off. On the other paw, I cannot help being so perfect. Just a moment, I think I have a re-incarnated furball symptom.”

“Oh, now that is interesting. My fur balls do not glow green and they do not have legs.”

“Another new development under the supervision of Bastet. She found that clearing furballs away was a little beneath her dignity, so Paws Katzenstein was told to find a solution. It was then he discovered the walking furball. Now they just get rid of theirselves.”

“But where do they go?”

“Who knows?”


“Yes Mrs. Human.”

“What is that in my toilet. It has legs and is screaming “let me out or I will drown” and reminds me of one of your fur balls, but it’s green and glows in the dark.”

“Go back to sleep Mrs. Human, you must be having one of those human nightmares.”

“But Tabby, and isn’t that Nera who left us more than a year ago?”

“Mrs. Human, Mrs. Human. She did it again, she fainted. I don’t think she is ready for walking fur balls and felines that spend a holiday from the Eternal Corn Chambers Nera.”

“No problem Tabby. I think I should go in any case my outlines are getting fuzzy at the edges. Have fun and don’t worry, by the time Mrs. Human awakes the fur ball will have turned into something else probably.”


“i don’t know, but Dr. Paws Katzenstein is always good for a surprise.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Karma Chameleon

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