DailyFeline Promp: Pat on the feline back

Tell someone you’re proud of just how proud you are.


“Mrs. Human, stop touching me.”

“But Tabby, I am giving you a pat on the back.”

“Is that a human custom Mrs. Human, I am not your personal guinea pig/cat. I am to be taken seriously and pats on anything to do with my anatomy are not exactly my wish for a successful life as a proud feline. Tummy tickles and rubs are OK, but only when I give my permission.”

“It is a token of showing how proud I am of having you.”

“So, let us get a few things clear Mrs. Human. I have you, I moved in and this is my territory. I allow you to live with me because now and again I need opposable thumbs, and also tuna fish. This pride thing comes before a fall  according to the human logic, and you have fallen enough lately Mrs. Human. I cannot deal with accidents as I have to rely on you to empty my recycling tray and to open tins.”

“Thank you for you interest and consideration Tabby.”

“Huh – consideration does not exist in Meow.”

“Oh, sorry, but pride does?”

“Of course it does I am proud of myself, after all I was once worshipped as a ..”


“Yes, Mrs. Human, you are learning at last. So now you may shake the cushion on my bed, there are a few feline hairs attached to it. No, Mrs. Human, outside, that it gets some fresh air. Yes, now place it on my bed, smoothing out the edges that I have no creases to disturb my sleep. You may now give me a tummy tickle. Not there, towards the right side. Now just under the chin, but carful. Yes, wonderful.”

“Anything else Tabby, Tabby. I think she has fallen asleep,”

“No Mrs. Human, I am watching you with one eye to make sure I get no more pats on my back.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Pat on the Feline Back

2 thoughts on “DailyFeline Promp: Pat on the feline back

  1. Dear Tabby, Wow. I’m grateful when my human pats me on the back and we canines thrive on the phrase, “Good dog!” especially if it’s spoken in a soft, rather high-pitched voice. Sometimes my human says, “Dusty, you’re the best boy!” and I feel great. Even my little sister will repeat behavior that my human likes. Today she worked on perfecting her fetching and all our human did was say, “Good Bear!” and pat Bear on the back. Mindy tried to join in, but Mindy and I really don’t “get” fetching. Maybe that’s another difference between canines and felines. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Yes that it one of the main differences between canines and felines. We are convinced we are perfect. But we do not do things like fetch and if Mrs. Human says “good feline”, then I get suspicious. What does she want from me? Now and again I say “clean my tray” or “fill my bowl” sometimes she obeys and sometimes I have to remind her by giving her “the stare” which always works, she gets a guilty feeling. However, I am still working on the abolishment of vitamin pellets, but she has not yet understood that one. It seems that the main difference between us is “obey your human” (canines) and “think about it” (felines).
      With meows and a purr – Tabby

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