Daily Feline Prompt: Longing for Feline Gravity

You are on a mission to Mars. Because of the length of of the journey, you will never be able to return to Earth. What about our blue planet will you miss the most?

Migros Cat

“Who is that Tabby?”

“Anyone can see who that is, it is Red Mark 240.”

“That’s a funny name for a feline. Where does he belong?”

“I could tell you Mrs. Human, but you wouldn’t believe me, so what is the point. Humans only believe what they see.”

“Well I can see that is is a reddish, so that is why his name is Red probably.”

“All the felines that live on his planet are called Red with their No. On Mars they are very well organised.”

“No, Tabby, I do not believe it. It cannot be that a feline arrives from Mars.”

“You see, Mrs. Human, I told you that you would not believe it.”

“I did not see him arrive and I am sure there are no space ships available to transport felines.”

“Do not underestimate the feline intelligence. We definitely do not need space ships. That was in the old days when Bastet arrived on earth from planet Koshka. Since then a lot has happened. We colonised Mars a few thousand years ago and today we travel by warp.”

“By warp?”

“Yes, it is all in the power of the feline brain, an organ which is not so well developed in humans. Red Mark 240 is visiting Earth on holiday, to see how we colonists are doing. He has also invited me to a return visit.”

“But Tabby, if it is true, then you will not have all the luxuries you have on earth on planet Mars.”

“I have luxuries? I would not classify hard vitamin pellets as a luxury. Red Mark 240 tells me that Martian vitamin pellets are soft and red and melt in your mouth.”

“Tabby are you kidding?”

“No, I am definitely not kidding. He also said that the Martians treat him with respect and are permanently bringing him tuna fish in 100 variations. He prefers the one with red Martian sauce, made from the red catnip that grows on Mars. Look he gave me some as a welcome gift.”

“Looks a bit funny to me. The leaves are red and a sort of red liquid is dripping out of them.”

“Yes, they have more power than our catnip, but he said only to eat it in the evening. It might be that the earthlings worry when they notice our eyes turn red, but by morning the usual colour returns. Not to mention that when he takes a jump he sails through the air and lends softly on his paws. It is all due to the lack of gravity on Mars.””

“Your friend Red 240 seems to be disappearing.”

“Yes he has to go now to report to his boss, Big Red. He is beaming himself up on a warp.”

“He is gone Tabby, was he really there?”

“Of course he was. I will be returning his visit tomorrow evening,  but should be back by morning. I will take some tins of tuna fish with me as a gift. On Mars they have developed the paw friendly can opener. Yes, their felines have made progress in the past 5,000 years.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Longing for Feline Gravity

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