Daily Feline Prompt: Five Feline Items

A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?


“Tabby, where do you think you are going with those five tins of tuna fish?”

“I have been invited to a desert island by FelinePress and I can take five objects with me for survival.”

“I think you have misunderstood that one. If you are isolated on a desert island, you will not survive with just tins of tuna fish. And who is going to open the tins?”

“Ah, you have a point Mrs. Human, which shows that humans have made progress since the days of the ape. Of course, I will leave two tins behind and take you and a tin opener. The should solve the problem.”

“Thank you Tabby, but you are only allowed to take five objects.”

“And a tin operier is an object and a human – well we can discuss the last one.”

“You will not live long with only a couple of tins of tuna fish.”

“By the time I have finished the tuna fish, you have surely caught a few fish from the sea to replenish quantities Mrs. Human. There will also be birds on the island and I will take care of that one. A nice big juicy parrot or perhaps a vulture.”

“How will you catch a vulture?”

“Easy, I will leave a fish and when the vulture pounces to devour the remains you will kill it.”

“Tabby I do not intend to go vulture hunting for you.”

“It is not only for me Mrs. Human. I will have a wing and leg, and a nice juicy piece of breast, and you can have the rest.”

“Oh thanks Tabby. But I have a better idea. You could take a whole 10 Kg bag of vitamin pellets and then there would be no need to hunt or fish.”

“Mrs. Human, you really have brilliant ideas, but that will not work. Who is going to eat the vitamin pellets?”

“I thought it would be a good balanced diet for you.”

“You know what Mrs. Human, forget the island. Let us just stay here and enjoy life with a tin of tuna fish and a tin opener. That would be a healthier solution.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Five Feline Items

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