Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Leap

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. Not sure how to participate?

“Meow Mrs. Human, of course I know how to participate. I have been pawing these daily feline prompts for almost a year, but do those inferior humans know how to do it.”

“There seems to be a malfunction today Tabby, but I am sure they will rescue the situation.”

“I am not so sure. If felines were organising the prompts, there would be no glitch or mistake, it would work. As one of our great authors George Big Feline Brother Orwell said “The essence of being feline is that one does not seek perfection, we are perfect” which is a clear true statement. So what do you want for an illustration today, Mrs. Human, shall I pose with my Felinitzer prize for the best feline blogger.”

“You won a prize?”

“Not yet, but I am sure that just made a mistake in my address.”

“No, Tabby, I was shopping this morning and noticed a special offer in the supermarket, so I took a photo, especially for you.”

tuna fish

“Meow Wow, there must be at least 200 tins of tuna fish piled up, and just for me.”

“It was a special leap year day offer. They are not all for you Tabby. There are other felines that like tuna fish and you do not eat the tins in the red paper.”

“I have never had a tin in red paper, so let’s try it.”

“You would not like it, it has no tuna fish juice, but only oil.”

“Who wants oil in the tuna fish. That must be a mistake.”

“Not quite Tabby, there are humans that like their tuna fish in oil.”

“But I am not a human, a feline and we all know that humans have a defect in their taste buds. So that is my pile on the left. Where have you put them?”

“I only bought 4 tins at a special price.”

“That is a human mistake and a feline tragedy. Just a moment Mrs. Human, so that is dealt with.”

“What is dealt with?”

“I just ordered the pile on the left with my paw card on my pawpad. Delivery tomorrow by UPS.”

“UPS” –

“Yes, United Paw Service all in WARP time (whiskers and rolling paws)”

“In the meanwhile you can serve one of the tins as a special leap year surprise.”

“But you have had you ration this week.”

“We have an extra day Mrs. Human, let us celebrate.”

Daily Feline prompt: The Feline Leap

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