Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Secrets

Write a new feline post in response to today’s one-word prompt.


“Mrs. Human, where is that big box with all my secret things in it.”

“I thought “secret” does not exist in Meow.”

“It doesn’t, if it did it would no longer be a secret.”

“I don’t get that Tabby.”

“You don’t have to, far too complicated for a human brain. So where is that box.”

“I remember a metal box, but we decided you no longer needed it and so we put it in the cellar.”

“But I never go to the cellar, the key is not paw friendly. It was full of my cat nip pastimes and there was that stuffed mouse with the squeak it made when I jumped on it.”

“But Tabby, you can go outside and enjoy the fresh air, and there are real mice in the fields. The effect of the cat nip in the toys has gone, as they are out of date.”

“I do not want fresh air Mrs. Human, I like the air surrounding me in my home, smelling of I, me and myself. Since when does a human know if catnip is still active. I have never seen you sniff catnip Mrs. Human, You do not recognise the properties of a relaxing catnip bath.”

“But you were given those catnip toys many years ago. I am sure they no longer have the same effect.”

“Mrs. Human, they are not toys, toy does not exist in meow. They are to exercise the feline brain and reactions. If you have a human bottle of wine do you throw it away after a year?”

“No, Tabby, it matures and ripens to a wonderful flavour.”

“Exactly, and so it is with catnip. How can a human understand the value of a matured catnip pastime. You could perhaps compare it to the human magic mushrooms, or LSD. We felines can go on a trip to new horizons and discover new possibilities of extending our psychedelic senses. One of our great feline authors from the Paw Beat Generation, Whiskers Kesey said “It’s time to move on to the next feline step in the feline psychedelic revolution. We’ve reached a certain point, but we’re not moving any more towards the development of a paw friendly tin operner”, and so I need my box with my secret pastimes.”

“Ok Tabby, I will have a look, but it could be that we threw it away when we thought you were too old for such toys. Tabby, Tabby, stop hissing and sharpening your claws on the table leg, it will not help. I will buy you some new toys.”

“In that case I will make a list.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Secrets

11 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Secrets

    • I have my standard home dress, about 6 pairs of nice stretchy trouser, comforable and in two colours, black or grey (they don’t make them in other colours), which I renew from time to time. Mr. Swiss has something similar for men, but I think it is time he bought a new dress as they are fraying at the edges. He says no, they are comfortable now, as if he had to wear them in.


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