Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Longing


“Tabby I am going shopping, is there anything you need.”

“Not really, oh yes, perhaps you could get me the latest copy of “Ornithology for felines”. It has a special supplement on bird observation and anatomy.”

“I did not realise you were so interested in wild life Tabby.”

“Oh yes, Mrs. Human, I love wild life, the wilder the better. Could you perhaps tell Mr. Human that he should fill the bird feeder, it is empty. The poor little birds are all sitting in the trees waiting for their food supplies in this cold and snowy weather.”

“How thoughtful Tabby. I did not realise how considerate you were.”

“Oh, I am very considerate Mrs. Human, especially towards the birds. Do we have enough bird food?”

“A good thing you reminded me, I will put it on my shopping list. There is not very much left.”

“Then it would be a good idea to give the birds the remainder so that they can fill their hungry little bodies with food. Look Mrs. Human, they are arriving. So now you can go shopping and don’t forget my magazine and perhaps a few tins of tuna fish.”

“Yes Tabby, and I believe your vitamin pellets are also dwindling. I will buy a 10 Kg bag, they are cheaper in larger quantities.”

“But I am not longing for vitamin pellets Mrs. Human.

So now she has gone and the birds are arriving, I must take up my position.”

Mrs. Human you are back?”

“Yes I forgot my purse. Tabby, what are you doing? Leave those birds alone.”

“But Mrs. Human, I have been longing to make some observations all morning and now is the chance. Look how they are all gathering to feed. What a wonderful sight.”

“Tabby, if you were not making those funny clicking noises that you make when preparing for a feast and sharpening your claws on that tree, I would almost believe you. So now you can stay inside whilst I am gone to make sure I do not have to clear away the feathers when I return. You can take asleep in the meanwhile. A true ornithologist does not spend hours staring at a bird house.”

“I am a true ornithologist Mrs. Human. I want to develop my knowledge of the anatomy of a bird.”

“Stop sulking and improve your knowledge of sleep in the meanwhile until I return.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Longing

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Longing

  1. Hello Tabby, it’s Artemis here, the Greek boat cat. You are so clever to think of ways to get Mrs Human to do things for you, while getting her to think it was her idea…… I will copy your ideas, but adapt them to get my male servant to buy new fishing kit and bait – you can’t beat a tasty pescatorial feast now and then…….

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    • Meow Artemis – you go fishing? Do you have room for a Tabby feline. I am very easy to handle, just feed me fish and I will not bother you. I sleep anywhere, am not fussy as long as I have the smell of fresh fish in my whiskers you won’t notice that I a there.

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