Daily Feline Prompt: Inevitably Feline


“Mrs. Human, do you have to use that noisy machine when I am sleeping.”

“Sorry Tabby, but I am cleaning the carpet and have to apply the vacuum cleaner to remove the hairs that you deposit your fur coat.”

“That is not the idea Mrs. Human. If I leave my hairs on your carpet, it serves a purpose. They are a sign that I was there.”

“But I can see you are here Tabby, and do not need the fur layer on the carpet to prove it.”

“If Bastet did not want us to leave our mark on the world, then she would have created the felines without fur coats.”

“But there are felines without fur coats. I am thinking of the Sphinx race.”

“Every development had its prototypes Mrs. Human and the Spinx were just an trial to see how it would work. Bastet soon discovered that furless felines were not the answer. They had to be washed in water and they had a smell, and so Bastet gave us tongues to wash and fur to shed.”

“I assume that Bastet has no carpets in her Kingdom.”

“Of course Bastet has carpets, made from the finest silkiest mouse fur you can imagine. She does not have a vacuum cleaner as it does not look so good on a god. When they opened the pyramids to find the wonderful statues to the memory of Bastet, there was no statue of Bastet with a vacuum cleaner.”

“No, I suppose there wasn’t.”

“Of course not, inevitable answer being that Bastet had no use for a vacuum cleaner. We felines like to deposit traces of our scent where we can, to prove that it is ours and does not belong to a human and definitely not a vacuum cleaner.”

“But I would have a carpet full of feline hair, if I did not have my vacuum cleaner.”

“And you would have a happy feline that could sleep in peace without the noisy inconvenience. And now the work is done, put it away and I can sleep on, perhaps with  both ears closed.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Inevitably Feline

11 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Inevitably Feline

  1. Yes, Mrs Human, you should be more considerate to Tabby. Cats need their morning doze, a lunchtime snooze, and an afternoon nap. Next time, try vacuuming at 3am when Tabby is out hunting! Love from Artemis the boat cat xx

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    • I will do my best, but the problem is that Tabby sleeps 23 hours a day and spends the 24th hour searching for a sleeping place. Tabby no longer hunts so much, I serve her the food as she requires it.


    • We have only one carpet beneath the dining table and that is all. I also mop, but first of all do a circuit with the big Dyson. I only use water to mop, no cleaning stuff as I do not need it. We don’t have carpets in the bedrooms, but we have floor heating and wooden parquet, so it is warm enough. My son has a carpet in his room.


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