Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Connection


“Meowwwwwww, meowwwwww”

“What is that for a strange noise Tabby?”

“Meowwwwww, it is not a noise Mrs. Human, it is a chant, you could perhaps translate it into human with the sound “ommmmmmmmmm”.”

“But “ommmmmmmm” is not a human word, it is more a sound that various monks make.”

“Please do not disturb, I am trying to get into a relaxed state of purr for my feline yoga practice “meowwwwwww”.”

“Oh, I see. Don’t you have to sit with your paws crossed in front of you, something like we humans do when practicing yoga.”

“No, Mrs. Human, we do not. We lay and rest our head on a soft surface. By the way you could perhaps shake this bed cover and fluff it up when I am finished to ensure that it remains soft enough to use as a yoga mattress.”

“Immediately Tabby.”

“No, not now Mrs. Human, I am still getting into my yoga state of existence and that would be a disturbance to my aura. As the great feline singer Paw Sting said “The deeper you get into Yoga you realise it is a spiritual practice. It’s a journey I’m making. I’m heading that way.” so do not lead me off the track “meowwwwww”. It would cause a disturbance to my introspective waves of transcendental meditation combined with an exhalation of dadaism.”

“Oh , Tabby that sounds like you are almost in an advanced state of mediative thought. I can see you are now floating on the bed covers.”

“Not exactly, I have decided to arise and make a movement in the direction of my recycling tray. One of the results of my complete alleviation.”

“Oh I see then I will smooth your yoga bed in the meanwhile.”

“There is no rush Mrs. Human. I just noticed a sweet little bird fall off the branch of a tree and must go to his assistance before he flies away. Yoga is also a good help for the digestive tract.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Connection

9 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Connection

  1. Dear Tabby, Sorry it’s been so long. I think my human might be back on this blogging thing now that the prompts interest her. My human used to do yoga pretty often. I liked to do it with her. I don’t think she was trying to get into an elevated state, though. I think she was trying to be sure she could get up off the floor. But I do a nice “Puppy Pose” and a very good “Upward Facing Dog” at least she tells me. I hope you’re well. I’ve missed you. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      I was worried that you were lost searching for something you had buried and not been able to find. Yes, my human also did strange things with her body. She was into Tai Chi, which is very slow, too slow for us felines. We must be ready to pounce when necessary. My human also prefers the new prompts, she said something about becoming creative, although we felines are born creative. Mrs. Human did not do yoga, because she said she can no longer stand up under her own energy after sitting on the floor. Another human problem I suppose. The two appendices called arms, should have been two legs probably, but with opposable thumbs of course. Otherwise there would be no-one to open our tins. Felines are not so much into poses, we are permanently practicing the sleeping position. I think there are 26 at the last count.
      Enjoy your doggy thoughts – Tabby in a yoga state of mind.

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