Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Screen


“Very good Mrs. Human, just what I wanted.”

“Glad to oblige Tabby, it is not very often that you approve of something I do.”

“It was my idea, remember Mrs. Human. If I am to complete another memorable Feline Pulitzer blog prize qualification, you have to set the scene. I think I really look good on the screen. Yes, my chancers for a 2017 Floskar have increased.”

“What about this year?”

“Mrs. Human they have already been distributed, although I found the choice was not so good.”

“Because you did not win?”

“Exactly. My blogs are famous throughout the feline nation. I have at least 10 requests for a paw print weekly.”

“Is that why there are constantly paw marks on my floor tiles, from the ink you have been using.”

“Not my problem, humans have to have a purpose in their lives and what better purpose than to clear away my paw prints. Think of it as a service of devotion to the feline nation.”

“I think more of it as work Tabby.”

“Work does not exist in meow. As Confucius Meow said “Choose a job to show your devotion to the feline race, and you will never have to work a day in your life, it will be an honour”.”

“You mean I should be thankful for all the litter you spread around your tray that I am allowed to remove it at least twice a day. I consider it hard work.”

“You see you have the wrong attitude towards the feline race. You should be thankful for every corn of litter that you are allowed to remove.”

“Yes, Tabby, I see I have the wrong attitude. May I now serve you some food Tabby.”

“Yes, you may, some tuna garnished with a pinch of tarragon and catnip would be suitable. Whilst I am waiting I will continued to gaze at my wonderful screen shots.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Screen

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