Daily Feline Prompt: Sentimental Felines


“What are you doing Tabby?”

“Eating grass, of course.”

“I don’t think that is a good idea.”

“Meow, why?”

“Grass causes hairballs.”

“And what is wrong with a good old hairball. They are part of my digestive system. I was quite surprised, but my mum told me that all felines produce hairballs, it is a normal state of affairs.”

“It might be normal Tabby, but not so pleasant when you have to clear them away.”

“Who said you have to clear them away Mrs. Human? Do you realise what you do to a feline when you take the hair ball away. They are deprived of their meaning in life. I remember my first hairball, it was a natural product showing one of nature’s wonders.”

“I never thought of a hairball as being a wonder. They do not look very wonderful.”

“To the human eye, of course not, but to a  feline they are a proof that we exist. George Bernard Paws Shaw said “Feline life isn’t about finding yourself. Feline life is about creating yourself” and that is exactly what my fur balls are doing. They are creating my aura. I was writing in Pawbook yesterday and describing the production of a fur ball. Tiddles, my online colleague, agreed and he extended the thesis to how he chooses the meadow for his grass. He said the best grass is the new growth in Spring, where it is all fresh and unblemished. It is has a unique taste and the colouring is of such a shade of green that will never be seen again during the hairball season.

I replied with a paw “like” and a smiley icon and Montgomery, the British shorthair, also agreed, adding that he found grass from the english lawns are the best vintage. Mrs. Human if a parcel arrives for me it will contain grass seeds from Montgomery. After a further paw book discussion he is now organising samples for me and my paw book friends. You may plant the seeds in our yard, and when the grass grows, it will produce the purest fur ball you have ever seen.”

“Great Tabby, and afterwards I will throw it into the garbage with the others.”

“No, Mrs. Human. Montgomery said they must be hung up to dry and placed in separate boxes with the fur ball date on them. It will be the basis for my fur ball collection. All the other felines on Paw Book have fur ball collections.”

“Oh, I see, I must be doing something wrong Tabby.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Sentimental Feline

2 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Sentimental Felines

  1. Dear Tabby, I think my human is some kind of feline because she recently took the heads of my little sister’s dismembered stuffed toys and mounted them on cardboard. Somehow my human seems to think these are trophies. Do you suppose she might be a tiger? Should I be afraid? Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      I think it is normal human behaviour, if we can call it “normal”. They like to collect trophies. I bet your human still has your first bone that you gnawed on as a puppy, and even has an album full of your puppy photos. She is probably keeping the heads as a memory of the days when you played with them, whereas we all know you were not playing, it was a serious invetigation into the meaning of life as a canine, or?
      Sleep well Dusty and dream of beheaded toys.

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