Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Contrasts


“How’s that Mrs. Human. I thought I would do a different pose for my daily pin-up photo, something contrasting.”

“It looks OK, Tabby, but there is no great difference.”

“Of course there is, my left whisker is at a different angle.”

“Oh, I must have missed it.”

“Typical human. You should really take more care to study my actions. This morning was a typical example.”

“Sorry, I did not realise.”

“Of course your didn’t, more involved with your own human movements. All morning I wanted a tummy tickle. I was laying on your bed waiting, but no, your attention was for the bathroom. You were doing all sorts of human actions like wiping tiles and cleaning the bath. I was nothing, a mere accessory on the bed.”

“Tabby I always clean the bathroom on Tuesday.”

“Tuesday does not exist in meow, remember. To continue, you wiped the bathroom floor and replaced my favourite bathroom carpet so that I could again lay on it and relax. You were not finished, and decided to wipe over the sink. Then I knew you were ready for me, at least I thought you were.”

“I had the doors to clean Tabby.”

“I noticed, but then it was the time when you always collapse on the bed next to me for a tummy tickle. This morning you sat on your favourite chair in the living room.”

“I had to cook afterwards and there was no time for laying on the bed.”

“There is always time where I am concerned. I approached you and gave you the stare whilst you were sitting on the chair, and I was ignored.”

“I saw you Tabby and I gave you a stroke between your ears.”

“And that was it. I lead the way to the  bedroom and you went to the kitchen. I was ignored, left to my own devices.”

“But when I was finished and the food was cooking I noticed you were asleep on my bed, so I did not want to disturb  you.”

“Did you ask? Something was missing in my daily routine and you were playing with your iPad.”

“You were asleep.”

“I had one ear and eye open, waiting.”

“We humans just have other needs, Tabby. I cannot devote my time only to you.”

“Exactly, that is the crux of the matter and the big human mistake. Humans exist for the care of the felines primarily, everything else is a side dish.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Contrast

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Contrasts

  1. What a gorgeous kitty Tabby is! I can see that the mouse behind her/him is in complete adoration, while the bird in the background is completely confused. LOL! The disdain on Tabby’s face is unmistakable. Poor Human.

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    • Tabby is a lady, although I think she forgot about that many years ago. Yes, she was standing in front of her toy collection. I think she was annoyed at being photographed again. I told her to smile and that was the result.

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  2. Dear Tabby, My human went away yesterday and came back smelling of feline. I wonder what she was up to? My little sister was very interested, but I told her that anything can happen with humans. There’s no way to know. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      “smellling of feline” – just saying we do not smell Dusty, it is an accompanying scent that enhances our natural beauty. Canines also have their own scent, perhaps a little more intensive that we felines. In any case I am sure we both agree that humans have the strongest scent. If you are having the honour of sharing your home with a feline, just let me know, I can advise you how to treat her with the respect she deserves – just saying.
      Enjoy your canine life in the meanwhile – Tabby

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