Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Misstep


“Have you made a misstep Tabby?”

“A what? Does not exist in meow Mrs. Human. No, of course no, I decided to groom my legs and had to find an appropriate position. There is a system in my washing process.”

“Oh, I thought you might have fallen and perhaps hurt your paw or leg.”

“Mrs. Human I do not fall. That is another word that does not exist in meow. We felines are equipped with an aeronautic precision. If, by chance, we take a step and discover that our feet are surrounded by air, and there is no firm place available, we think about it, whilst we are moving according to gravity. If it appears that we will not be landing on our paws, then we do a slight looping movement and arrive firmly on the ground. It is only when unforeseen circumstances, such as a human intervention, might appear, it can lead to a problem.”

“You mean a misstep, or an accident?”

“No Mrs. Human, a misunderstanding with the laws of gravity. I remember when my litter sister, Nera (may she enjoy her 10th Life in the eternal corn chambers), was having a somewhat wild moment and attacked her cat climbing post. The post fell and she was not happy.”

“I remember Tabby. We had to visit the uncle vet, because it fell on her paw.”

“Exactly, that was not a misstep, it was a disagreement with an object.”

“She was walking for a while with a plaster cast on her leg, but eventually recovered and the bones knitted together again. I think I have a photo.”

Nera with her splint - two toes broken

“Of course you have a photo Mrs. Human, all our visits to the vet are registered by a photo.”

“No need to be sarcastic. It was an expensive visit, but Nera recovered.”

“Yes she did, probably at the cost of a life.”

“I am glad that you are healthy Tabby and have no problems.”

“I am healthy, you fill me up with vitamin pellets every day.”

“Being sarcastic again Tabby?”

“Who me, doesn’t exist in meow Mrs. Human – hisssssss.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Misstep

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Misstep

  1. Our Siamese (Mao A Cat) used to like to pose on the fireplace mantel. One day, he fell asleep while posing and fell off. He didn’t get hurt, but he was very embarrassed. When we laughed (it was funny, we couldn’t help it), he got really miffed and bit us. You did NOT laugh at Mao A Cat. Ever.

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    • Felines do have their own ways. Our first cat in England was Whisky. We lived on the second floor, grandad living on the ground level. Our kitchen had a window ledge and Whisky would sit on the ledge watching the piegeons on the neighbour’s roof. One day he made a grab for a pigeon, slipped and fell and yes, he survived. He must have had rubber bones, or Bastet laid a protecting hand over him. He landed on the yard below, stood up, shook himself and wandered on. Cats really are the stunt men of the animal kingdom.


  2. I think my cats will agree with Tabby about “disagreements with objects.” I have a pillow on a wooden chair they like to sleep on. Frequently when they jump off the chair/pillow, they push the pillow off and slip a little in their leap, which makes for an awkward landing for kitty. I always pretend not to see so as to protect their feline dignity. I tried tying the pillowing to the chair once, but they grabbed hold of those ties and had it undone in a minute flat. And so it goes.

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  3. Ahhhhh I got my kitty fix!! I have been gone for personal reasons and then been playing catch up. So, I am back to take some me time and I thought I want to read about Tabby and Mrs Human. Hopping over to Mrs Human’s place in just a bit. Want to get comfy and curl up with Tabby for a bit. Ouch, Tabby does not like to cuddle does he Mrs Human? Cause I tried and Tabby bit me!!! 🙂 lol

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