Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Envy


“Me, envious, jealous, never. Of course I had to make it clear to the felines in the neighbourhood that my territory is my territory and I would not endure any infringements within its boundaries, that I emphasised by some hisses and paw marks.”

“And did it work Tabby?”

“Of course it did Mrs. Human and we came to an agreement.”

“Which was?“

“What you do not see or hear, does not bother you. Only what you smell, and by the time you smell it the intruding feline is no longer there for a paw swipe and hiss.”

“You mean you run away from disagreements Tabby?”

“Of course not Mrs. Human, that would be cowardly. I am usually so fast that they cannot find me. One of the ancients of our tribe, I believe it was Cat Buddha, said “Do not overrate what you have claimed for your territory, nor envy other felines because their territory is larger. He who envies other felines will only achieve the 10th life in second paw territory” which explains it all and no self respecting feline wants to live their 10th life in second hand territory.”

“That is a little complicated for mere human Tabby. In the meanwhile I think Roschti, the neighbour’s feline, is taking a walk across your territory.”

“That’s OK Mrs. Human, I gave him my permission. He can use it as a getaway path to escape from the new feline in town.”

“And I though felines were very particular about their territory.”

“We are, but the new feline is a so-called main coon.They are bigger than us and their territory usually stretches in unknown dimensions, so it is better to avoid them when possible. Roschti would do the same for me I know. He only has to pay a bowl of tuna  for entrance.”

“Which means you can also enter Roschti’s territory.”

“No problem Mrs. Human, just keep an extra bowl of tuna fish handy, in case I have to walk that way.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Envy

5 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Envy

  1. Dear Tabby, Over the weekend my friend, Shoe, came to visit and, I’m sad to say, there was a moment of envy or something. She was eating her food in the entry to the kitchen and I was trying to leave the kitchen, and we made eye contact. You know how that went. SO our humans had to go to the vet and my friend got stitches in her ear. I felt so bad about that. I licked her ear the next day to show I was sorry. My human got nicked, too. Envy is a terrible thing. Shoe thought I was going to take her food, but I never would. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Don’t worry, I think it is qualified as an occupational hazard being dog and all that. We all have our right to defend the bowl of whatever we are eating. We felines react a little different. We watch, take notes and think about our reaction which might develop into a paw swipe with a negative effect, or even imprints of teeth somewhere on the body. It is all part of the survival mechanism. You are still alive Dusty and so is the one called “Shoe?” Strange names canines have. We felines do not do “envy”, it is more something called “revenge”.
      Be proud Dusty, you have shown how to used your paws. Your feline advisor Tabby

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      • Shoe is named after a veterinarian on a TV show my human has never heard of. We also think it’s a strange name, but Shoe just shrugs and says “At least my human didn’t give me the boot”. I suppose that’s funny because Mindy always giggles. Yours always, Dusty T. Dog


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