Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Shelf


“Tabby, the sun is shining, it is nice warm weather, you could go outside, it will do you good instead of sitting on the shelf all day indoors.”

“Anything in it for me to eat if I go?”

“No Tabby, you always have your healthy vitamin pellets in your bowl and now you do not need food. Just go outside and drink in the fresh air. The birds are singing and Mr. Human has now cut the grass, so you can find your way better.”

“I don’t know what cutting the grass has to do with it. If I want to manufacture a fur ball, I will do it whether the grass is long or short, although the longer the grass the better the fur ball of course. Ok, I am now outside, so where are the birds?”

“I think they flew away when they saw you approaching.”

“You see Mrs. Human, no-one loves me, I think I will stay inside on the shelf.”

“Of course we love you Tabby, although I though love did not exist in meow.”

“It doesn’t, I was just trying for some human sympathy. I don’t get all this stuff with fresh air. Air is air. I think I will mark my territory to liven things up.”

“But not there Tabby, they are my crocuses.”

“Ok, then perhaps over there?”

“The daffodils are growing there. You can mark your territory beneath the apple tree where there are no spring flowers.”

“I don’t want to mak my territory beneath the apple tree, I have reserved that place for my outside sleeps, or would you sleep in your recycling tray Mrs. Human.”

“No, not really.”

“OK, then I will return to my nice comfortable shelf after depositing my scent in my recycling tray. Forget the fresh air, the birds are not talking to me and there are things growing everywhere. And that big ball of fire in the sky is annoying me. I don’t get all this fuss about the great outdoors, there is nothing better than 50 shades of feline sleeping places: meow, meow, meow.”

“Don’t mumble Tabby, when the summer arrives you will only sleep outside, even in the night.”

“Just stay cool Mrs Human, one edible sparrow does not make a Summer.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Shelf

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Shelf

  1. It is their passion for shelves that has me dubious about cats. It’s bad enough that I break my antiques, but a kitten with enthusiasm for jumping can do an amazing amount of damage. When we had cats … which we did for many years … I used to say that we didn’t own anything breakable. Anything that could be broken had already BEEN broken. Since then, I have a lot of breakables again. Few today than yesterday, but still quite a few. It would be fiesta time for an energetic feline!

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    • Now and again there was a feline mishap. Lady broke a vase and Tabby with Nera managed to push a nice large pot full of earth and a wonderful example of the Poinsettia from the top of the cupboard down to the floor. Otherwise Tabby is quite well behaved, although we have learned not to have things in cat sensitive places.


    • Meow Dusty
      Mrs. Human only has desks and tables and chairs. Most of the time I sit on top of the cupboard where I can keep everything under observation. Her shelves are full of computers and stuff like that. I have my own shelf for my pawpad and Pawphone. Sorry dusty but we felines do not do “with you” we do alone, like being the Lone Feline. It might be that my neighbour felines might laugh at me if i go hunting with an 80 pound canine, especially me being only 5 Kilo. No offence meant Dusty, I know you mean it well, but it just wouldn’t work.
      Sleep well Dusty – Meow Tabby

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