Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Window


“Something interesting outside Tabby?”

“Yes, definitely Mrs. Human. Look, they have returned.”


“Most of them, you can see them.”

“Who do you mean?”

“The flies are back. I think their craft landed yesterday. I heard it through the waves of my whiskers

  • “Captain Buzz, ready for landing” 
  • “Yes commander Zoom, all winged troopers ready. 
  • Remember men, and ladies, it is another year on earth, so be prepared. There will be all varieties of food to absorb, but accompanied with the fight against the human breed as well as being eaten alive by the felines. Our advance troops, still awaiting their maiden flights buried in the crust of planet earth, have signalled that the fly swatters have been taken from their Winter headquarters. One of our soldiers advanced  through a window of a human dwelling and was promptly flattened by a human foot. Beware men, there are many dangers ahead, but we will overcome, multiply and go forth to conquer this world. 
  • My last word – do not forget the departure craft will be leaving for our planet Diptera as soon as the temperatures sink below 3° C. All flies that do not reach our ship by this time due to unforeseen circumstances, must bury themselves in the earth crust and enter their hypnodal sleep, together with some of our babies, to awake refreshed when the earth crust again feels their Spring with warmer temperatures. For this purpose special chambers have been reserved in the earthen burial grounds.” 
  • “Yes sir, we understand.” 
  • “Thank you flies, prepare for landing.” 

“And you heard all of that through your whiskers Tabby.”

“Of course Mrs. Human, for something we have our whiskers. They are not just an ornament.”

“So you are watching the flies return through the window. I cannot see them.”

“Of course not, you are human. The earwigs are also here, together with some of the beetles. The fire bugs are already thinking about building a tribe. Look, it is all very plain to see through the window.”

“Would you like to go outside Tabby, that you can view the events closer.”

“Are you mad? Definitely not. If we are watching the arrival of the smaller species, then someone somewhere will definitely be watching us. That is a fact.”

“Oh, and do you think that someone is watching the humans as well?”

“Mrs. Human it stands to reason. Since the day that windows were created, there has been openings to the world and they are always watching.”

“Who is they Tabby, Tabby. Oh she has fallen asleep in front of the window, must be a boring job.”

“Mrs. Human I have one ear open, it is not boring, I am now part of the fifth column and keeping a whisker on the developments. You can see them, they have landed and leaving the ship. The committee has left the depths and are buzzing them a welcome.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Window

9 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Window

  1. This explains a LOT. From another planet. I bet the mosquitoes come in their own private ships, too. You think the slugs come from inside the earth in submarines? Shaped like slugs? Maybe one day their GPS systems will go down and life will go on … without the mosquitoes, flies, slugs … and spiders.

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    • I will have to ask Tabby, I am sure she has a connection somewhere in the underworld. Don’t forget felines are also from the planet Koshka and arrived to be recognised as gods. Unforotunately over the years this has been forgotten, but somewhere deep beneath the sands of the Sahara there is ………..


  2. Dear Tabby, I like to catch flies in the house. Outside? It’s not my job. It’s for the birds. I think your garden is FAR ahead of my human’s garden, by the way. Her grass is still brown. My little sister did what no dog has done before this morning — she dug a deep hole and buried her ball in it. I thought you’d like to know. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

    Liked by 1 person

    • Meow Dusty
      Looks like your little sister will one day become quite famous. Am waiting until she buries her first bone. We didn’t have any brown grass this year because Winter was mild. I only really bothered with catching flies in my kitten days, now I leave it up to Mrs. Human and the thing she uses called swatter.
      Have a good doggy day, Tabby

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