Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Friends


“Do I have to say it Mrs. Human?”

“No, I don’t think so Tabby. It is quite clear, the word “friend” does not exist in meow, at least not at a close distance.”

“Exactly, just in Pawbook and Meower.”

“You are in Meower? What name do you use.”

“Sexy Lady of course, it is incognito.”

“I suppose it is. You must be quite popular.”

“I am, I share my meows with at least 200 other felines.”

“I suppose they are mostly of the male sort, with such a name.”

“Oh no, there are many females asking for advice about territorial rights. It often happens that the tom cats want to move in on the territory. Sabrina, one of my meowing colleagues, told me that Tarzan wanted to attack her with not very ladylike ideas.”

“What did you advise?”

“I told her to tell him she had an unforgettable visit to the vet and had no interest in his ideas.”

“What happened?”

“It was not as bad as it seemed. Tarzan was just showing off and he broke down and began to meow. He said it was only a show for the other tom cats, but he had also left a few parts behind at the vets. Now Sabrina and Tarzan are the best of friends and all the other felines respect them and bring them offerings of tuna fish and catnip.”

“Meower sounds quite good.”

“Yes, we are all friends there. Of course many of us are in Pawbook sharing hisses.”

“You share hisses?”

“Of course, doing likes is not the feline way. I hiss at Tiddles and he might give me a paw swipe. It is all very friendly online.”

“I assume a paw swipe is a hug.”

“Yes, Mrs. Human, you are now getting the idea. Of course if it wasn’t for our leader, Meow Pawberg, we would be nowhere. It was his idea. He was a stray in his home town and to keep warm at night he would sleep in the local power station between the cables. Once he had a catmare and awoke and clung onto a cable. There was a terminal that lit up and it wrote “Where do you want to go today”. Meow Pawberg said he wanted to meet other Felines and was connected. He soon discovered that there were a lot a lonely felines searching for social contact, because normal contact did not exist in the feline world. You know territorial fights and all that, and so he invented Pawbook. He now has millions of felines all over the world hissing and swiping to each other constantly. There are even groups like “For felines after the ultimate vet visit” or “How to get the most out of your catnip.”

“Seems quite an organisation Tabby.”

“It is, you are never alone if you are in Pawbook. Now I must go, I am the group leader of “How to enslave your humans that they do not notice”, it is very popular, especially amongst the newbies who are taking over a new home.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Friends

19 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Friends

  1. Dear Tabby, Another difference between canines and felines, maybe, though my human tells me that her Russian Blue, Fred, once brought home a friend who looked just like him and was soon named Eddie. My human says they hung out together all the time. I suggested — based on your discussions — that maybe they weren’t “friends” and she just said, “They looked like they were.” Canines always like to make friends, but there are limits. My adopted brother, Cody, was always asserting his dominion over me and it was painful. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      They were probably on the same wave length, which can happen in the telepathic communication. With canines I think it depends on how many bones they have buried and the bark tone, which probably depends more on the decibels and the amplitude in the intensity of the waves. We felines prefer to use our brain frequences.
      With a telepathic meow – Tabby

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  2. Our cat, Big Guy, had a best friend. Bonnie (another Bonnie) … a tiny ferret. She was Big Guy’s best pal and they were inseparable. He got along with dogs pretty well, but wasn’t enthusiastic about other cats. He was definitely happiest with other non-feline species. A strange and wonderful cat who did not live nearly long enough.

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    • The best always die young it seems. I am sure Tabby misses Nera now and again, I know we all do. She was the only cat that Tabby accepted, but she was the boss of course. They were litter sisters. Otherwise Tabby is a loner, although she quite likes Mr. Swiss, but we all do.

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  3. That’s the difference between cats and dogs. Dogs have friends, there whole being is centered around friendship, to be in a pack. I have two feral cats who live in my workroom during the wintertime. I can’t say that they are my friends, because I feel that they only tolerate me.

    Our puppy is trying to be friends with them and it’s the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. The cats look rather arrogant -or bored- while Patches try to convince them to play. I am having a ball

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    • I think that felines are the fifth column of the animal world. They trust no-one, not even themselves. Our Tabby sort of disappears if she hears or sees a dog. We have never had a dog and she is not used to them. I once counted at least 12 felines in the neighbourhood, but they all seem to know each other, and tend to go out of each other’s way. Tabby had no problem with her late litter sister Nera, they were born and grew up together. Fluffy was always the odd one out, but they tolerated him and there were no real feline fights, just a hiss and a paw swipe now and again.

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    • They definitely have their own language, trouble being we do no hear it being humans on the lower animal scale. It is only a hug in Pawbook, otherwise it is every feline for him/herself.


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