Daily Feline Prompt: Fearless Feline

Tabby trying the new bag out

“Of course I am fearless Mrs. Human.”

“Then why are you hiding in that bag?”

“I am not hiding, that is my camouflage, like a soldier ready to fight for his King and country.”

“Very commendable Tabby, but you do not have a King or a country. It is just Baset and our garden where you might meet one or two other felines now and again.”

“We used to have Kings when we were gods Mrs. Human, but they called them Pharaohs and no respectable Pharaoh would go anywhere without taking his guardian feline with him.”

“Yes, I read that many felines were buried with their pharaohs in the pyramids.”

“You got that one wrong Mrs. Human. It was the Pharaohs that were buried with their felines. We were on our way to our tenth life and the pharaohs were just an accompaniment.”

“Oh, I must have misunderstood the history books, but they were written by mere humans. So what about your camouflage?”

“I am protected on all sides and melt into the background of the bag.”

“But if you are in the bag, you are not exposed to danger. You remain inside. You can only show your fearless aspect if you leave the bag and advance into the unknown territory in the garden.”

“I am thinking about it, but you know what they say “A feline hero is an ordinary feline who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles, especially if she finds a safe place to think it over, a dead feline is just dead and I want to live” which describes me perfectly, so I think I will remain in this camouflaged bag until the danger is gone.”

“Yes Tabby, the sign of a true fearless feline.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Fearless Feline

8 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Fearless Feline

    • Yes, no pharaohs on tabby, she knows it all. Now I know what she is writing on her pawpad, the history of human development according to the feline. I am sure it will be a bestseller on the feline section of Amazon.


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