Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Edge

Tabby and Nera

“Look Mrs. Human, I am on top of the world. I am practicing for my part in a new film “The Stuntcat”. I will become famous. Perhaps you could stand below and catch me when I jump.”

“But if you are a stunt cat you do it all on your own.”

“I thought it was all done with illusion. I have changed my mind, I do not have a death wish. I am sure it would have been a good film, with Bruce Catnip Willis playing the leading man and me as the leading lady. It was going to be called “On the feline edge” where I was being attacked by demon felines and Bruce Catnip Willis would battle his way to my rescue, hurling the attacking felines over the edge of a burning pit.”

“Bruce Catnip Willis must be a brave film hero.Wasn’t he worried about getting his fur singed from the fire?”

“No Mrs Human, he is a sphynx feline, one  of those without fur. All the female felines are crazy about him. It is the new style.”

“We had a sphynx feline in the neighbourhood, but I thought you didn’t like him”

“That was before the Brice Catnip Willis films were made. After seeing the body of such a feline combined with the manly muscular naked body, it really makes your whiskers quiver. And when he wraps his strong arms around the female star of the film and catches her at the last minute before the fire consumes her wonderful sexy furry body, he is the hero of us all. And now Mrs. Human, put a few cushions on the floor to break my fall from the cupboard. I must practice, you never know, they might audition me for the role in the next film.”

“What is the name of that film.”

“The Feline that knew too much” all about a feline spy captured by the Black paw cats that wanted to know the secret behind the paw friendly tin opener. Bruce Catnip Willis plays the scientist that discovers the secret and Tabby Claws Jolie (my artist name) might be chosen as the heroine, who plays the assistant and has the secret forumula engraved on her whiskers. I could earn thousands of cat nip twigs and tins of tuna fish for the role, and even a diamond studded cat flap.”

“Ok Tabby, in that case, where shall I put the cushions.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Edge

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Edge

  1. My cats were all death defying stunt-cats until they missed their targets a few times and decided a soft sofa was danger enough. But they never stopped trying those upward leaps wherein as they missed, they would grab for the edge and knock down everything. Lots of breakage. After a while, though, it was okay since everything that could be broken had already been smashed.

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    • Nera was quite good at that. She broke a bone in her paw once beause the cat play center fell on it in a mad moment. They didn’t really break objects, just our nerves. Tabby now has a special expensive cat ladder to the top of the cupboard, special execution for elderly cats, but she never uses it. It is much more fun to jump and make an accompanying thump on the floor.


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