Daily Feline Prompt: Frivolous Feline


“It’s a nice afternoon Tabby, you should go out and enjoy the fresh air.”

“Ok, I will try it Mrs. Human, although our interpretation of “nice” differs somewhat. “Nice” is a shady place in the cover of the apple tree, or laying in the soft green grass being warmed by the sun. At the moment it seems to be a human interpretation of the word, a cold wind and no  sun.”

“But it is healthy in the fresh air Tabby.”

“I have a different meaning to healthy. Healthy is a dish of tuna fish garnished with catnip. It is cold sitting on this table: even the birds have decided to seek shelter from the cold icy wind, they are puffing up their feathers and I am puffing up my fur coat. No, don’t shut the window I am coming in before I get felinemonia.”


“Yes it is one of those feline problems when the wind blows. I now have to warm myself up. Out of the way Mrs. Human, this is serious.”

“I notice Tabby, having one of your mad moments?”

“They are not mad moments, but carefully planned and with a purpose. As our famous feline artist Salvador di Dalicat said “There is only one difference between a madman, human and me. The madman thinks he is sane. the human knows he is mad and we felines are gods in any case that earn their due respect from all humans and are convinced that mad does not exist in meow but only in human”.”

“I have to think about that one Tabby. Will you now stop galloping through the place at the speed of light.”

“I have to rid myself of the excess energy that has collected in my whiskers, otherwise there will be a whisker block. So that is better and now for a sleep.”

“But not on my bed.”

“It is not your bed, but our bed Mrs. Human and at the moment you are not using it, so it is mine – logical.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Frivolous Feline

18 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Frivolous Feline

  1. Same here about the bed. My Kessy has decided that for now, as I am preparing dinner, she has the run of the bed and she hides under the extra blanket. I have the tom lieing here beside me under the blanket of the sofa, too. I need a new, extra sofa bed … 😉

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  2. Dear Tabby, I spent the morning outside in the freezing cold because my human put me there with my little sister. I finally gave up and found a single patch of sun and waited. I knew she would let me back inside sooner or later. You are lucky to have such a responsive human. Sometimes I wonder if you realize that. Yours forever and ever, your sulky friend, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      She is not always so responsive. I can wait in front of the glass window and she is too lazy to get up and open it, so I am forced to enter by the cat flap, which is very degrading for a god. Perhaps you could roll in the dirt before entering and spread it all over her floor as a reminder that dogs should not be made to wait. I do it with a hairball after being forced to eat grass outside.
      Humans can be very ignorant – Your feline god, Tabby

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  3. My human put me on the deck and then forgot I was there and went off in the car for the afternoon. I was so abandoned and all my calls went unanswered. For hours I called and then I resorted to trying to open the door with my small claws. Very hard to do. Almost wore them down to the nub. But they learned a lesson, these humans of mine. My claws are quite good at destroying the weather stripping around the door. They haven’t made that mistake again. Signed, Noel, the kitty and witnessed by Toby.

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    • My human closed the door on a cupboard where I was sleeping. Unfortunately the human construction is defective and there are some points to be ironed out. At least they have something in human language called conscience, which does not exist in meow. However, it is too our advantage – they have a bad conscience afterwards – just give them the evil look afterwards for a few days or weeks, that serves its purpose usually.

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      • So sad about your lock-up. Hopefully there were lots of soft linins to snuggle in. My partner got locked in a cupboard amongst a bunch of pots with hard edges. Ouch. What is the evil eye …Don’t know about this I haven’t got an evil bone in my fluffy body. Noel.

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