Daily Feline Post: The Feline Voice


“Found your human voice Tabby?”

“I never lost it Mrs. Human. For the benefit of my fans I thought I would articulate my exact wishes, so remove the offending object. It is spoiling the perspective of the photo.”

“But Tabby, they will look very pretty on the table when they flower.”

“Felines do not do flowers Mrs. Human, unless they are edible, and these are not edible. Of course I make an exeption for grass, grass is very edible, comes in different flavours, and the more you chew and swallow the better the fur ball.”

“I do not think you fans want to hear about fur ball production today. Just enjoy the view from the table.”

“Exactly my thought, and it would be a better view if you would remove the flowers.”.

“You could sit on a chair Tabby next to the table, then the flowers would not be a feline interruption.”

“I could do a lot of things Mrs. Human, but I have no wish to. You could serve tuna fish daily instead of those hard vitamin pellets, but you do not.”

“Tabby they are healthy.”

“So is tuna fish. My mother early on taught us kittens to respect all animals  and I mean all animals – not just cats,  but rats and fish and wildlife that moves, so I really grew up believing they are just like us with the exception that they deserve the consideration for supplying a good meal.”

“Where did you get that one?”

“I didn’t get anything, it is a brainy quote, altered a little to suit the feline race.”

“You mean to suite your own voice.”

“Meow and now remove that plant. I don’t like the chair, there is not enough room to spread out my paws in all directions.”

Daily Feline Post: The Feline Voice

11 thoughts on “Daily Feline Post: The Feline Voice

  1. Dear Tabby, I’m in a lot of trouble with my human because of my voice. She just doesn’t understand that I MUST bark under certain circumstances. It’s necessary for me to fulfill my duty, but she just gets mad. I’m in such despair over this today, Tabby. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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