Daily Feline Prompt: Refreshed Feline


“Do you now feel refreshed after your sleep Tabby?”

“That is according to what the word “refreshed” means. In the meaning of meow it would be the feeling of successfully hunting a mouse for lunch. Afterwards I would partake in a long digestive sleep and yes, I would definitely be refreshed. Just to mention it Mrs. Human, I am not refreshed when I feed on a meal of hard, boring, vitamin pellets. These have more a depressive effect. It is then that I relax on my couch and wish that Dr. Feline Einstein would help with a psychoanalysis to find a solution to the negative thoughts that I develop due to the supply of such vitamin pellets.”

“But Tabby they are so much more healthier than a dead mouse and certainly much cleaner”

“You do not understand the psychological effect it has on a feline intelligence. A mouse is something real and organic. No feline is vegan, they are not built for that sort of thing.”

“But the pellets are a special mixture with the feline needs in mind.”

“You mean they are made from mice?”

“No, of course not Tabby they are manufactured from …. errrr….. vitamins.”

“Explain vitamins Mrs. Human. Do you eat vitamins.?”

“Of course I do.”

“But when you have your dinner which might be a pork chop, I see a bone with meat, and no brown hard pellets.”

“That is not necessary Tabby, the vitamins are incorporated in the food.”

“So why can’t you feed me food with incorporated vitamins similar to yours. Then I would not have to dream about eating a real mouse full of goodness for the feline. I find tuna fish is just as good and I have never suffered after eating tuna fish. I am sure it contains vitamins as well.”

“It is not the same Tabby.”

“Why not?”

“Because I said so.”

“Mrs. Human I think you avoiding the point of this discussion. I have a consultation with Dr. Feline Einstein tomorrow. Perhaps you could accompany me. I am sure he would have a few suggestions to cure your vitamin pellet complex. He says that humans tend to have a fixation on rodents. They put up traps everywhere, when a feline does a much better job.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Refreshed Feline

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Refreshed Feline

    • Meow Dusty
      You know humans have something called nerves, it does not exist in meow and according to your canine statement I deduce that it does not exist in “Bark”, but humans have a sensitive thing with this “nerve” and anything that they do not understand, for want of feline or canine intelligence, gets on their nerves. There is no point in even trying to understand it, humans can be very complicated. Just ignore them and they might go away.
      Keep barking – tabby

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        • Perhaps you should make an appointment to see Dr. Canine einstein. I am sure he will explain to you the meaning of “bark” and its consequences for avoiding split feelings with your canine groupies that do not bark.

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          • I think they think it’s part of my job as the Male Canine of the family, but I will check into an appointment as I could be wrong. Our telepathic communication is close — but not quite — completely accurate. Yrs alwys, DTD


  1. I beg to differ with Tabby on the point of efficient elimination of rodents. My cats have always ignored the vermin. They never had any interest in them. They mice could have shared their vitamin pellets with them and they would have never raised a paw. They cased spiders, ants, toads, frogs … flies. Never mice. Not interested. Go figure.

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    • I suppose it is a matter of taste. My felines were always partial to a mouse. Nera would play with them. Fluffy was the king mouse killer and eater until she became blind. Tabby does not really find them any more, but she is becoming a lazy lady in age I think.Fluffy often made a meal of a fly. Actually he was the real scavenger of the bunch.


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