Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Colours


“Tabby that is not a very friendly face you have there. Also the prompt is about being colourful, but everything seems to be in brown and black.”

“And, I don’t see anything different. Colour does not exist in the meow  life, we only put the words brown and black in our meowtionary to help the humans when translating. ”

“But that must be boring without reds and greens or blues to brighten up the day.”

“Since when does a god/feline have to brighten up anything, and days are only there to sleep and dream about the night.  We show the world that we are felines and that colour is not important. What is important is if we actually see the shapes that move in the night, and they are in enough shades of grey to define whether it is edible or not. The importance lies in the quality of our work.”

“Tabby that is very wise, but it reminds me of something one of our humans once said, it was very similar.”

“Are you calling me a copy cat Mrs. Human.”

“Of course not Tabby, I wouldn’t dream of it. Does that mean that you cannot see the blue sky?”

“The sky is blue? Define blue.”

“I have blue eyes for example.”

“They look like a muddy brown to me. Perhaps you are colour blind.”

“No Tabby, I think generally felines might be colour blind.”

“I have no problem Mrs. Human. Look at my bowl of dry vitamin pellets. They could be pink with yellow dots, but they remain brown, hard and tasteless.”

“They are brown Tabby, just as you said.”

“And hard and tasteless as I said. There you have it I am not colour blind. Even my tuna fish is brown, but a lighter brown.”

“Tuna fish is not brown.”

“Does it matter Mrs. Human what colour it is, it is the taste that is important. Tuna fish by any other name would taste as good. That was said by William Paws Shakewhiskers in one of his memorable plays: Tiddleywinks and Cuddles, a feline love story.”

“I didn’t know that felines do love.”

“Of course we do, but it is usually just a paw swipe ending with a fight. Kittens do not appear by immaculate conception Mrs. Human. It can get quite colourful sometimes.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Colours

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