Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Clarity


“Just to clarify matters Roschti, no I am not letting you in. You can sit and stare as long as you like, but I am not falling for your tricks.”

“But Tabby the human that I own is not here, and she has locked the cat flap. I am locked out in the cold and have nothing to eat.”

“Forget it Roschti, your human is visiting my human and you do not look like you are starving.”

“You have a bowl of tuna fish Tabby, I am sure there would be some to spare for me.”

“It was hard work to persuade my human to serve tuna fish today. She only serves it on human Wednesdays, so I had to use some feline persuasion with a few paw swipes and threats. Now I have my tuna fish, it is for I, me and myself and I do not see the name of Roschti written on my bowl.”

“Come on tabby, I did give you some catnip last week.”

“You did not give it to me, you said it was left over and I could have it. Of course it was left over, it was old catnip and had absolutely no intellectural influence on my psychological state of whiskers.”

“Can I help it if your are addicted to the stuff?”

“I am not addicted to catnip, I just like to lay in it now and again for my yoga sessions. It gives me a balanced metabolism.”

“Speak meow Tabby, you are around those humans too much.”

“You are only jealous. The deeper I get into Yoga I realize it is a spiritual practice. It’s a journey I’m making. I’m heading that way.”

“That is not original Tabby, you copied those words from Paw Sting our famous hit singer.”

“You have that wrong Roschti, I wrote them and he recorded it. Anyhow go away, your human has now left my human and you can go and eat your own food.”

“But I only have a dish of dry vitamin pellets.”

“Why didn’t you say so at the beginning Roschti. Just a moment.

Mrs. Human Roschti is being neglected by his human, he only has dry hard vitamin pellets to eat. Serve him a small dish of tuna fish, making sure there is still enough for me. You can garnish it with that twig of catnip. What did you say, it is old cat nip? Roschti likes old cat nip, he is a catnip conosseur, the older the better. Am I right Roschti?”

“Hisssss – but I will take the tuna fish, No self respecting feline eats dried vitamin pellets if they can avoid them. Just to clarify matters.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Clarity

12 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Clarity

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  2. Dear Tabby, That Roschti cat seems like a good friend, if “friend” existed in Meow which I now know doesn’t. My human said once she had two cats, sisters, who followed her to visit the neighbors and they also begged for food. Perhaps this is more common than I thought. Yours always and forever, El Barquero

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    • Meow El Barquero
      There used to be a feline that would jump through my cat flap, eat my food and disappear again when Mrs. Human appeared, but he is no longer here, thank goodness. Roschti has tried it now and again, but I/Ms. Human chases him away. You just cannot trust those felines. No “friend” does not exist, they all want something from you, so you cannot trust them.
      With lots of meows – Tabby

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