Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Contrast

“Tabby, the sun is shining outside and it is warm, you could go outside and enjoy the fresh air.”

“Mrs. Human I do not do fresh air and forget the sun, it hurts my eyes.”

“You could lay beneath the apple tree in the garden. It is shady and cool.”

“I can also lay on the chair where I am at the moment. Here is is also shady and cool. The air might not be fresh, but neither you or I have symptoms of suffocation, so I will stay where I am. And the place beneath the apple tree is occupied.”

“I cannot see anyone there Tabby.”

“Of course you cannot, you do not have the sixth sense as we felines do.”

“You have a sixth sense.”

“Of course, and Nera is occupying the space beneath the apple tree.”

“But your litter sister Nera left us for the etneral corn chambers almost 2 years ago.”

“Now and again she has a sleep beneath the apple tree, it was her favourite place.”

“Is she there now Tabby?”

“Don’t ask silly questions Mrs. Human. You do not have the sixth sense, so if I said “yes” you would not believe me and you wouldn’t see her even if she was there. Which does not change the fact that I will not lay beneath the apple tree. Our great writer Charles Paws Dickens von Whiskers said “there are dark shadows on the earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast”. For a human Nera is casting a shadow but we felines see the lights. But if you insist  – Nera, can you show yourself to Mrs. Human, she doesn’t believe in the sixth sense.”

“Meow Mrs. Human, how are you?”

“Nera I think that was too much for her and you really did not have to have to show all the contrasting effects with your ghostly aura and walk through the apple tree when you appeared. She has now fainted.”

“Not my problem Tabby. I will now return to the Eternal Corn Chambers. I will be back some time tomorrow, the place is now free under the apple tree for you”.

“No thanks Nera, I think I will retire to my chair, it is safer. Too many humans laying around here.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Contrast

3 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Contrast

  1. Sometimes, my cats (and now my dogs) stare at what I see as a completely empty space. I look, they high five each other, and amble off. But sometimes, I’m sure there’s something, someone, there and I just can’t see it. From another dimension? I’m absolutely certain our furry friends can see through from one plane of reality to another. They know.

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    • My felines often stared at walls, I am sure something or someone was walking through it, but only the eyes of a feline see it probably. Tabby sits for hours at the window, especially in the evening, staring outside. I even have to keep the blinds open for her. She will not go out, but she is watching.

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