The Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Street


Now that’s a long street. If I paw my way carefully I might be able to reach the end without meeting one of the two legged felines called human, or even a rival feline whose territoriy I might be imposing on. Not that I want to cause trouble, I am just a tabby coloured feline minding my own business.

What’s that over there? I will have to examine that carfully. I think there is something moving in that tree. Yes, I can smell it, is it a mouse, a bird or another cat. I must say this is much more intersting than wall watching, although those walls have some hidden surprises. I was watching a wall last week and I had a feeling that the wall was watching me as well. Yes, we had an interesting dialogue, bricks can tell some strange stories. It seemed the wall was once visited by a canine who naturally left its mark. The wall was not very happy, but “shit” happens it said, pardon the language, we do not have such words in meow.

So I will continue on my way along this street. I decided there was nothing interesting happening in the tree, although I did see a bug taking a walking in the earth. I do not like bugs, they have such a bitter taste, I am more partial to a butterfly.


Who said that?

“Hissss, it is me Roschti, show some respect.”

“Roschti, I am not in the mood for games.”

“This is not a game, it is territorial defence.”

“But that it not your territory.”

“Not yet, shall we have a paw swipe about it?”

“No, Roschti, you can have it. I don’t want that territory, I have better things to do. I hear with my super sensitive ears the sound of a tin opener from my home and I can smell the scent in the air of tuna fish juice.”

“I will come with you.”

“Forget it Roschti, my tuna fish is in my territory.”

And so I decided to return to my home for dinner. Streets are fine to explore, walls are better, but a tin of tuna fish is the solution to all problems.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Street

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